Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yet another baby blanket

So here it is.  The almost finished blanket I'm making for my soon-to-be new cousin.

We're big Mets fans in this family, especially my family in Florida.  They go to a bunch of Spring Training games each year, so baby Vinny will be all set and ready to go this March/April!

Dino thinks it's his blanket
 I used a cotton-wool blend since it doesn't get that chilly in Florida and especially since he'll be an almost spring baby.  This blanket doesn't seem to be coming out as big as I was hoping so he probably will only be able to use it for a year or two.  I didn't gauge at all so I guess I get was I deserve :o)
Why does blogger insist on rotating random pictures sometimes???

I was so not looking forward to dealing with this!  I spent all day Saturday weaving in ends.  But it wasn't just weaving I had to do.  I did a lot of pulling stitches.  Since the wool content is minimal in this yarn, I had a hard time keeping the stitch tension at the color changes consistent.  I had to go through almost every stitch inside the orange circle and tighten it all up.  Then I did the weaving.  It took me literally all day to get (I think) all the ends woven in.

Again with the random rotating pictures!
Looks like I missed some and I purposefully didn't weave a couple in yet.  I didn't cut the ends down all the way yet...not until after it's blocked.  I want to rough this up a bit and make sure the ends don't undo themselves.

On the knitting front, I have a couple more rows of stockinette stitch before the 20 row seed stitch border.  I might actually pick up stitches on either end to make the blanket longer.  Or I can stop having OCD and just let it be.  But it's really bothering me that the blanket is wider than it will be long.  Must. Stop. Obsessing.

Ravelry Page
Yarn:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Needles:  US 7
Pattern:  My own, unpublished as of now

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