Thursday, January 12, 2012

See you at Vogue!

I completely forgot to mention that I'll be volunteering at Vogue Knitting Live! this weekend!  Are you going??  Feel free to say hi to me if you see me!  I'll post a picture of me in my volunteering shirt if I get a chance.  Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day for me...I'll be heading into the city straight from subbing for my first volunteer shift.

Friday's shift has me at the Yarn Tasting.  I think this sounds like a fun one.  I'll find out more about my jobs tonight at orientation though.

Saturday midday I'll be monitoring the Marketplace entrance.  Guess this means I'll be checking everyone's tickets/tags?

Saturday night Andrea, from Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild, has wonderfully offered for me to stay with her in the city.  This is good because we both have a 7:30 AM shift Sunday morning doing door monitoring for classes.  I'm so glad I won't have to be taking a 4 AM train just to get to my volunteering session on time.  In my off hours, I'll be wandering around the marketplace, checking out book signings, and maybe even going to the Rav meetup dinner.  We'll see how tired I am though after my work shifts.

I'm also taking a Debbie Bliss lecture.  Volunteers get either a free lecture or $25 off a class.  I went the free route and opted for the lecture.  Though I highly recommend the Debbie Stoller lecture!  That was the guinea pig group I did in Brooklyn when she was going on her book tour for Stitch 'n Bitch Superstar Knitting.

Hopefully I'll be recovered enough to write up a review next week!  Right now, I have to figure out what knitting projects to bring with me :o)

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  1. Oh how fun! Hope you have a blast. I was going to take a class but the site was overwhelming to me. Taking a Cookie A class at Lion next week instead. Enjoy!



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