Monday, January 16, 2012

Back from Vogue: 2012 Edition! (Part 1)

Oh man!  That's the summary of the weekend.  It was exhausting and fun!  I would do it all over again, except maybe plan ahead a bit more :o)

My little Berroco table

Friday night after the Yarn Tasting, I had dinner with Vicky.  I met Vicky working at our station and she's pretty local to me (Connecticut) so meeting up again won't be too hard for us.  We went to Astro's Diner, just a block from the hotel.  Julia and I ate there last year after our day at the Marketplace.  By the time I got out of the subway, I had to RUN to catch my train.  I got there with 2 minutes to spare, not even knowing the train schedule ahead of time.  I did luck out on that front this weekend- just jumped on the subway and caught whatever train was coming next on my line.  I didn't have to wait more than a half hour, but most of the time it was just a couple minutes.


Saturday.  Oh Saturday.  What a day.  I didn't get home Friday night until about midnight.  Which means I didn't get to bed until almost 1.  And then I got up at 8.  Rushed to get ready, pack for the night and get to the train station with 5 minutes to spare.  And then my train was delayed because of a "police investigation."  That stunk.  I still made it to my shift on time, but didn't wind up having time to wander the marketplace before hand.

I look so tired here...barely awake!

Saturday's shift was hectic.  I sat at the Marketplace doors- directing traffic, checking for badges and wristbands, and telling everyone where booths/classes/bathroom were located.  I did get a great view of everyone going in and out of the market though and saw some great knits.


While I was sitting there, Ysolda smiled at me on her way in...squeeeeee!  Josh Bennett frantically searched for a Sharpie for his book signing (apparently wherever he was supposed to be only had a red pen).  Franklin Habit said my name but was talking to someone else and I got really confused for a moment (I didn't know it was him until after).  Nicky Epstein left a badge for a friend (she's so cute!).  Sarah Hatton wandered in and out a couple times.  Vickie Howell, Iris Schreier, Lily Chin and Shiri Mor passed by also.

Around 1:50, I spotted Ysolda again, this time rushing through the crowd to get to her class.  After dodging the people swarming the exit, the got stuck behind people on the escalator.  And didn't make a fuss.  She literally just stopped and waited her turn.  I swear, she seems like the nicest person ever.

I saw a bunch of people I know while sitting at the table, both from Village Knitter and the Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild.  It was so fun seeing people.  A lot of people didn't recognize me at first glance most of the weekend.  It was really windy Friday so I figured my safest bet was to straighten my normally crazy curly hair.  I rarely do this because, well, it takes effort :o) and I like my hair curly.  But I didn't want to look a mess if caught in any pictures so the flat iron made a rare appearance.

After my shift was over, I had my turn rushing off- to my Debbie Bliss lecture "Design to Flatter Your Body Type."  I have to say, I was very disappointed with this and very glad I didn't pay for it (free with my volunteer commitment).  I felt like all I kept hearing was "this is my yarn...this is my pattern..."  She was super nice and I could tell she liked to make people feel good about their bodies by having them try on her pieces and see how they fit all different women.  But I was expecting more of "this is how you can design to flatter your body."  It was more "this is why this pattern flatters many women."  She did make a Star Wars reference though :o)  I did get a bit of knitting done on my Cashmere Bias shawl.

Cashmere...yummm :o)

After the lecture, I wandered the market with my friend Andrea.  We were so exhausted though we didn't really take anything in.  I did buy What Would Madame Defarge Knit? and meet/have a fan girl moment/speak with Heather Ordover of the CraftLit Podcast.  I've been catching up on her podcast since April, starting with the first episode and working my way to the current.  So far I'm only up to 160-ish.

We were so exhausted that we didn't even stay until the end of the market- Andrea, Rachel and I walked a couple blocks to Chipotle for dinner.  We all felt so tired, run-down and had killer headaches.  When Andrea and I got to her apartment, we hung out for a little bit and then went to bed.  At 9:30.  On a Saturday.

It was necessary though because we got up at 5:30 on Sunday.  But come back tomorrow for Sunday's events and to see everything I bought :o)

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