Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Village Knitter Anniversary Party!

January 15th was the 2 year anniversary of Ann and Kathleen buying The Village Knitter from the original owner.  While that coincided with me living in Brooklyn and only being there on the rare occasion, I saw the changes in the shop almost immediately.  The yarn selection, um, improved.  The Thursday night crowd grew.  The hours were so much more convenient too! (This might also be because I was no longer working 13 days straight with 1 day off...the day the store wasn't open of course).

Of course, if there's a party I must bake!  Kyle (who hounded me to make sure to give him credit for helping bake) is still talking about vegan horchata cupcakes Nicole made when we lived in Brooklyn.  I of course had to ask her what they were since I didn't remember them quite so well.  This was our conversation:

Me:  I have to bake cupcakes tomorrow. Kyle put in a request FWD: Make those cinnamon bun thingys Nicole made lol
Nicole:  Hahaha
Nicole:  They were horchata cupcakes that I veganized
Nicole:  Just make snicker doodle cupcakes
Nicole:  That was TWO years ago!

I think she forgets how fixated boys can be when it comes to food.  He seriously still talks about the things Nicole baked.  Two years ago.

So I googled some recipes and found one I liked.  Kyle and I whipped it up on Friday for Saturday's party.

The recipe I used is here from Brown Eyed Baker.  It was great!  The only problem was the supermarket didn't have cake flour.  In walks Joy of Baking with the Ingredient Substitution list.  This was very very handy and I will be bookmarking for future use.

When I got to the point of making the frosting, I read the direction.  I'm supposed to boil ingredients to 230 degrees??  I do not have a candy thermometer and really wasn't in the mood for anything so precise.  Some more googling brought me to Recipe Girl.  She had a snickerdoodle cupcake recipe as well (actually might be the same one) but also had a very simple cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  Together, they were perfect :o)

Here's to another great 2 (and more) years!

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