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Book Review: Knitting Lingerie Style Part 2

Today I'm continuing the review of Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael*.

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Chapter 4:  The Camisole

Most of the patterns in this chapter are impractical for me.  I wear camisoles almost everyday that I work teaching.  Because of my chest, V-neck shirts are the most flattering but not always the most appropriate for schools.  To cover up what the neckline reveals, I have many many simple store-bought camisoles.  These patterns generally aren't that type of camisole.  The Surplus Bodice Camisole though is a beautiful top that I would definitely wear to a school with a button down underneath.  I've never been a sweater vest person (they're too bulky and just add on the pounds for me) but this top is lightweight and uses a lot of lacework in the body.  And it also has my darts :o)

Chapter 5:  The Stocking

This might just be my favorite chapter.  Surprising right?  I've never even made a pair of socks.  But most sock patterns just don't appeal to me.  Knee socks are my favorite thing to wear in the winter but there seems to be a lacking of patterns out there for these.  Enter Knitting Lingerie Style.  There are 3 knee or higher sock patterns, one calf sock, and yes even the garter belt pattern to hold them all up.  Another plus:  they're all knit toe-up.  Thank you Joan, thank you so very much.

Chapter 6:  Lounge/Night Wear

How can you have a lingerie knitting book without for-the-bedroom knits??  OK so they're not really that risque, but the idea is there.  The chapter opens up with the Basic Baby Doll and Panty is very cute and I think the top can be worn as a top if you had something under it.  Maybe.  It might require some reworking.  Now comes my favorite pattern in the entire book:  Leggings with Mesh Sides.  I have the hardest time finding stockings/leggings that fit me.  I love that with this, I have a pattern to knit my own.  They go mid-calf on the model, but can easily be extended to the ankle or shortened to the knees.  They can take the place of store bought cheap junky nylons and be much much warmer in the winter if I want to wear a skirt.  I definitely want to make these eventually.


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Overall, I think this books is great.  I love the fashion history given at the intro to each chapter.  And though the patterns are no lingerie in the way we think of, they are all inspired by and embellished upon traditional undergarments.  I'm not sure I'll want to bring this back to the library.  Might have to invest eventually and purchase it.

*All photos have been taken from the respective Ravelry sites.  I have not been compensated for this review in any way.  This book has not been given to me, nor purchased by me.  It has been used as a library resource.
1 There is no photo on the book's Ravelry page so this one is taken from mysweetoldetc's project page
Publishing Information
McGowan-Michael, Joan.  Knitting Lingerie Style.  STC Craft:  New York, 2007.
ISBN-13: 978-1-58479-577-3
Ravelry here
Amazon here
Publisher here

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