Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brooklyn Yarn and Fiber Guild

I should be doing some homework/cleaning/showering right now but I can't focus on anything until I write this up...

Today was the second meeting of the Brooklyn Yarn and Fiber Guild.  Not too many people showed up, most likely due to the crazy weather we've been having, but I think that was a good thing because it enabled us to get a lot done without a lot of distractions.  We were supposed to elect officers, but we got an email on Friday that for most of the available positions, only one person volunteered to run.  So basically they automatically got the job haha.  There were, however, two positions that no one nominated themselves for:  Technology and Secretary.  I had thought about nominating myself but figured I don't have enough experience or knowledge about technology in general to run so I held back.  If there was someone more qualified for the position then it would be more appropriate for them to take it.  But since no one nominated themselves, I emailed back volunteering myself.  A couple emails back and forth later, it was set- I am now the Technology Chair/Officer (not sure how it's going to be worded) for the Guild!  Yay!!  As if I needed to add more to my plate but being jobless, hey why not right?  Plus, a great thing to put on my resume, and great experience.

I'm not really sure what exactly I will be responsible for yet.  Definitely designing the website (so psyched for this portion) and maybe being a resource for those who don't have much computer experience.  I'd really like to do some like mini lessons or group sessions to teach the members about Ravelry, blogging, finding resources, ordering products online, setting up a Paypal account, and just other general resources.  One thing that's listed in the group's By-Laws is setting up a secure area for members only- and I have no frickin clue how to do that haha.  Also they were thinking of setting up a forum area (again, no clue) but I don't know how much it would be utilized compared to Ravelry.  It's something I guess we'll just have to test out and see how it goes or what most of the members would like.  I already told the group to think of things they want to see on the website and I've already started some sketches and lists of what should be there.  I'm such a dork haha!

As for the meeting, of course I was knitting.  I started the Land of Oz Shawl with my Magic Yarn Ball Swap yarn from Fearless Fibers.  You would think that this is the easiest shawl ever- mostly stockinette with a couple of yarn overs- but of course I managed to mess it up.  It's not that big of a deal and probably not even noticeable to a non-knitter, but I seemed to screw up a couple of the yarn overs.  I might drop stitches down to the problem areas and fix.  Even though this is simple stockinette, I might have to start throwing in some lifelines.

While we were at the meeting, one of the members (I so haven't been able to keep track of everyone's names yet) brought up a buuuuunch of knitting/crochet/fiber books.  She works at the library we hold the meetings at currently and told us that the more we take out the knitting etc. books, the more the library invests in more.  So I took out Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael.

Sex and knitting 2

I've glanced through this book before and though I don't have intentions of knitting anything from it right now, I'm glad I get to peruse it a little more in depth now.  Being busty, undergarments are a very important part of my wardrobe and I spare no expense on them.  I need the most support I can get so I'm particular about this stuff.  Also, I was working on knitting myself a bikini once upon a time and had to rework the flat-knit pattern so that it would fit my larger size.  I'm sorry but you can't just add stitches to the size small and expect it to actually hold larger ta-tas up.  I re-wrote the pattern with some short rows but never had the time to knit it up.  (A year earlier I had knit the entire sized small bikini for my assistant at the daycare so I'd already made it once and understood the pattern.)  Anyway, I digress.  But one of the first patterns in the book looked to be a bra so I wanted to take some time to look through the pattern and see if Joan was able to come up with anything feasible for the larger sizes.  I'll give my opinion as soon as I get a chance to really peruse it.

PS:  Check back tomorrow for a big announcement :o)

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  1. I think a yarn/fiber guild sounds so interesting--and yes, being a technology officer will definitely look good on your resume. I can't tell you how often I get asked about my website design/social networking skills for jobs that have nothing to do with either. Good luck!



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