Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NLC Update: Buttons

Buttons have been the hardest part of this cardigan, by far.  I can't find any in stores that I like (seriously why do Michael's and A.C. Moore have so many kitschy buttons and no actual useful buttons???).  Then I was reading this post from Never Not Knitting and decided to check out where she got her buttons.  They came from Tangled Yarns.

I just started searching through all the wonderful buttons available and oh my gosh actually found the perfect buttons!


Are they not the most perfect color for my cardigan???

Until I realized they were $3 per button.  Ok, maybe I can swing that.  And then I saw it was from an Australian store.  Frickin-A there goes that idea.  $12 for buttons (I'd use 1 less since they're bigger than the buttons called for) is already a stretch for me but then add on international shipping?  I don't think that's such a good idea given my employment situation these days.  What do you guys think??

*PS* Don't forget to enter my birthday giveaway!


  1. I think the AUD to USD conversion would be more like $3.50 per button, but shipping could be high. Do you ever go to thrift shops? You might find some buttons, or maybe on a cardi with buttons you could use. Could cost about $3.00 for all the buttons instead of for just one.

  2. Hmm I never thought about the thrift shops. I go to the Brooklyn Flea often and check the (so called) vintage buttons there but they're always way overpriced and usually not the color/style I want. And usually only 2-3 buttons (not enough). What I really should do is explore the NYC fashion district but I usually don't go that far uptown. Might make an exception though.



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