Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh, Sandy

As I'm sure everyone out there knows already, Hurricane Sandy came through our area like a beast.  There's plenty of devastation- floods, trees on houses, power lines down, homes just swept away.  I was lucky- we lost power but have a gas stove, oven and hot water heater.  And hey, I can knit by candlelight :o)

Unfortunately, not everyone I know was as lucky.  Family and friends have homes in varying degrees of being destroyed.  My grandmother had heart surgery within days of the storm and has no heat (electricity) to go home to.  Every shelter in the area is filled but many are sleeping in homes with no heat, power, gas or even a ground floor in livable conditions.

Bring in the fundraiser!  I've pulled a Kay and designed a simple square motif pattern to sell to raise money for Long Island Cares, a local food bank working their butts off to provide supplies for those in need in Sandy's aftermath.  Special thanks to The Village Knitter in Babylon, NY for providing me the electricity, Internet access, and amazing community it took to make this pattern possible!

Once you've knit at least 9 squares, they can be sewn together to form a small baby or lap blanket.  Add more to make a larger blanket.

Each square uses approximately 150 yards of worsted weight yarn.  Use more than one color to destash some of those leftovers :o)

Relief Counterpane Blanket
All proceeds to benefit Long Island Cares

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