Monday, November 5, 2012


There are many reasons to love Starbucks. Today, I love them for their heat, electricity, and wifi. And that I can walk there. Because if you haven't heard, gas lines around here are INSANE.  I've heard of people waiting 8 plus hours. Not for me yet. I have no where that important to be yet. I'm really hoping power comes back asap since we're now expecting yet another storm this week.  oy

In better news, word is spreading about the Relief Counterpane Blanket. So far, 40 copies sold. That's $200 before whatever Paypal charges. I finished two squares and they're at home blocking. or possibly freezing. But they'll block eventually.

I changed it up a bit and added a contrasting color border. And if you didn't see the tweet, I made a mistake. While knitting my own pattern. Proof to be careful when knitting late at night and early in the morning. Whoops. But I don't think it's noticeable. I also have ripped back about half of my original square so that I could make it match the actual pattern (I modified the pattern post knitting and pre publishing) and so I can give it a matching border. I can't wait to get it done and seamed up. The pattern and Ravelry page need some good, proper photos.

Relief Counterpane Blanket
size US 7 needles
approximately 150 yards of worsted weight yarn per square
9 squares makes a small blanket

All of the proceeds generated by the sales of this pattern will be donated to Long Island Cares.

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