Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Four Letter Word

Dpns. That is a four letter word for me.

Back in the winter of 2007, I was using dpns to make some fingerless gloves with yarn left over from a poncho.  I loved this yarn. It was beautiful and soft. 

The mitts were coming out great. Except the part where the needles met. That's when I learned about ladders (see here and here). I had bad ladders. All thanks to those stupid dpns. I mean, there was no way it was my fault that these gaps were forming all down the sides of my mitts. It had to be those needles.

That was when I swore to never use dpns again. Except for in cases of i-cord of course. But other than that, NO MORE dpns.

So really, looking back, it really probably was me. Than was back when I was still twisting my stitches when I knit. And I didn't have that much experience using dpns. And the yarn was probably a little too small for knitting on size 7 needles.

Now I've knit counterpane squares before. You may remember me starting these to make a scarf. Yeah, it's still not finished.  But I do know and have worked the technique before. With those squares, I was working them magic loop with no problems. But knitting up the first sample square for the Relief Counterpane Blanket was less than comfortable. As soon as I went to The Village Knitter again, I bought dpns for the beginning of the squares.

And I love it! Trust me, I'm the last person who thought that would happen, but it did. Which is crazy because I have been thinking for a few weeks that I should try knitting socks on dpns, even if just once. To say I could and have of course.

It is definitely much easier to get the squares started on the dpns for my hands. Being used to loooong circulars for magic loop, I have dropped  my needle here or there but, hey, it happens.

My mind is spinning for other uses for dpns now.

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