Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just a Couple Things

Just a real quick post today. Power is back on at home! But there are still plenty without! Including on my block. The homes near where the tree fell on the pole are still out, as well as a couple others further down the road and the stop light at the end of our street.

Here's a bunch of places you can go to help out those affected by the storm:

Jan and Terry created this group: Squares for Comfort.  They're customers at the shop and wanted to expand on the square idea in a way to help others directly. So if you knit some Relief Counterpane Squares and don't like seaming, you can mail them to these ladies! They will assemble blankets and distribute them locally.

Next is another customer at the shop: Suzy. She's got a list of patterns and websites contributing funds to Sandy relief over at Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Group. There's also lists of donation items needed.

Last for today is probably the fastest and easiest for everyone. Maria from Subway Knits Podcast is running what in the past has been a very successful fundraising campaign. All you have to do is donate minimum $5 to a charity and forward the receipt to her. You then have to post in the thread on Ravelry for a chance to win a donation incentive. And there certainly are a lot of prizes!

ETA 11/7/2012:
Jessica of the Knitting Brooklyn is hosting a KAL in conjunction with Squares for Comfort.  It will be running until 12/31 and there are PRIZES!

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