Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sandy Updates

1- We still have no power at my house.  Though I'm hoping that will change soon.  A pair of guys came to fix the gas at the yarn shop today.  One had a hole in his pocket and he was looking at our notions display for a needle and thread.  I told him we wouldn't have anything appropriate there, but that we had an emergency sewing kit in the bathroom.  They went to get everything set and came back into the shop afterwards.  So picture it:  He's standing there pulling on the pocket and I'm leaning over doing the worst sewing job ever just to get the pocket lining reattached to the jeans (my boss at the costume shop would have been so embarrassed!).  The conversation went like this:
Gas Man:  "How are things by your house?"
Me:  "We have no power, but gas runs the hot water, stove and oven, and we have a wood stove for heat."
Gas Man:  "Where do you live?"
Me:  I tell him the name of my town and describe where my neighborhood is.
Gas Man:  Blank stare.
Me:  "Where are you from>"
Gas Man:  "Syracuse."
Me:  "I have family in Tully!"  (a small town 20 minutes or so south of Syracuse)
Gas Man:  "What's the name of your street?"
Me:  I tell him.
Gas Man:  "Well when I see the power guys I'll send them that way and make sure they get you fixed."

Cross your fingers for me...

2- Grandma is finally out of the hospital.  I don't know how she weaseled her way into 2 extra nights there.  She tried to protest when we were visiting her Friday because she had not lights or heat at home and a doctor aggravatingly told her, "This is a hospital, not a hotel!"  But her house got electric back at 4 am and she came home sometime today.

3-  Relief Counterpane Blanket has sold 32 patterns as of my last check.  And OMG THIS!  Fangirl moment :o)  It's very handy when your boss tweets your pattern, and Kay Gardiner just happens to retweet AND buy it.  I love it.  You guys rock.  Keep it going!  If you haven't gotten it yet, use that button just down there...

Relief Counterpane Blanket
size US 7 needles
approximately 150 yards of worsted weight yarn per square
9 squares makes a small blanket

All of the proceeds generated by the sales of this pattern will be donated to Long Island Cares.

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