Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sheepy DPN Holders

Not too long ago we got these little cuties in a notions delivery at The Village Knitter. I thought they were adorable, yet pretty useless for me as I refuse to use dpns.

::open mouth, insert foot now::

Well, as you now know, I'm a dpn convert with these counterpane squares. It's just much easier to shape the early stages of the square on the dpns, says the die hard magic looper.

So now I've ben experiencing those old annoyances of using dpns: losing or dropping the fifth needle, stitches falling off the ends of needles, and accidentally pulling a needle right out of a side of my square. Nothing completely life shattering, but seriously annoying.  So I had an excuse to buy yet another cute accessory.

These are actually working pretty well.  Once a lot of stitches are on each needle, though, it really takes some maneuvering to get the needles lined up neatly to go into the holes the right way.

Seriously, don't even ask me how I managed this one.

All in all, a good buy for 8 bucks.

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