Monday, January 21, 2013

VOGUEknitting LIVE! Wrap-Up, Part the First

The whirlwind of a weekend is finally over! Once again, I had a ton of fun. Great people, great yarn and so far the best weather yet! 

Because I was volunteering most of the weekend, there wasn't much time or opportunity for me to take photos.  But if you want to see some, head over to the Subway Knits Podcast website.  

Thursday I left subbing an eensy bit earlier to make my train for the volunteer meeting. I was still late to the meeting, but I have to be very thankful that Huntress999 was already in the meeting and gave me a heads up about the elevators. Good thing because I would have been even more late trying to figure them out on my own. The meeting was quick and then we had a brief tour of where we'll be working. None of this sunk in for me and it took me a while to figure out where I was half the time.

Friday I planned to get into the city early but as usual I was running late. Once I got to the Marriott I checked in for my first shift- very easily redirecting people whose class had been relocated. It was a short shift so after I sat and knit with rachmouse for a while. My second shift of the day was helping out at the Cocktail Reception. 

Tables set up ready for the Cocktail Reception Auction

We helped set up the area and then I stood with pepperknit taking tickets at the door. This was fun because I got to see all these awesome handknits as well as lots of designers, many pointed out to me by pepperknit. I didn't know what many of these designers looked like beforehand. Here's some of the people I saw:
Nicky Epstein- sweet as always
Josh Bennett and Brooke Nico came up together. Jokingly, Brooke said "We need tickets?" Thankfully she was joking. Not everyone was always humble. Most, yes. All, no.
Ysolda- looked super cute
Lily Chin-words can never explain this one. Completely ignoring the fact that her hand knit dress reminded me of a flamenco dancer, all she wanted to do was show off her teapot purse. 15 minutes before this, we could see her on the floor below checking into the a completely different outfit. This woman is a wonder!
Debbie Bliss- I asked her for a ticket before looking up and realizing who it was. Her daughter was very sweet as well.

I'm sure more came through but these were the ones who stood out for me. 

And yes, I didn't know who Karen Allen was.  I have never seen any of her movies.  I know, I suck.  I've heard it all weekend.  If someone wants to set up an intervention, I won't fight it.

After I finished my shift, I was left with about a half hour to shop. A couple of us meet up and started wandering the marketplace. Until I heard that Loop only had a small and limited number of her fiber bumps. I've only heard amazing things about them so I had to make a beeline and pick one up.  And Steph was super sweet to talk to us.  But of course, because she has the best name ever.

We didn't have much time left after so we gathered our group and headed out for dinner. After walking in many circles trying to find a pub with enough space for our group, kreyoli, rachmouse, Huntress999, daisydeadpetalMooseManor and others whose Ravelry/Twitter names I don't know (share with me if you want!) settled on Connolly's. Good food and fun. Our waiter, Middle-Name-Brendan, tried to convince us all to knit him a hat. Fat chance!

Come back tomorrow for more wrap up, and a bit of pictures (I promise!)

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  1. Good thing you provided a link! I didn't know who Karen Ellen was either and had to look it up! The picture didn't help....I had to go to the filmography page too. You aren't the only one!



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