Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break, Short Updates and a Contest Winner

Back from vacation, taxes done, (almost) all caught up on school work!  I still have lots to do but I wanted to give you all an update and announce the contest winner.

Vacation was awesome.  We got to visit my mom, my cousins and my aunt and uncle.  We went to a Met's Spring Training game (shocker:  they lost), the adorable Brevard Zoo, Disney World, and the beaches.  It was great to see family and enjoy the wonderful warm weather for a change.

Here's some pictures from the trip:

Birthday Roses ♥ 
Mets before losing
Anteater!  I never knew how ...interesting... they look in real life!
Beautiful bird who became The Boy's best friend for a bit
Us ♥ 
The gators were HUGE! And looked fake but they'd move every now and then
On our way to Disney...probably before getting lost twice.  Never follow a GPS to Disney.  Never
This is how I amuse myself waiting to get to the parking tolls.
In Mickey's house...loved the mirrors!
The Haunted Mansion
The only characters we saw that weren't in a parade or you had to wait in line at their homes to see.  Seriously now?  Where were they all hiding??
Cinderella's castle!!
Amusing myself waiting in line for rides.  This is why the battery ran out so quick.  But definitely one of the best pictures of us I got.
Mickey and Minnie rose bushes in front of the castle
At the "photo op" station haha
I love the colored lights on the castle at night
Except it gets to look a little creepy in some colors

Also, I got enough gift cards for my birthday to finally get a new camera!  Isn't she beautiful?  And blue of course :o)

Now that I've got a camera, I can take awesome pictures like these:

Yes, these are just a few of the crazy things we do at Starbucks.  Surprisingly, they have yet to kick us out.

Now that I've tortured you long enough, here's what you're all really waiting for...

The winner of the Birthday Contests iiiiissssss:

aka KnitaSaur

Congrats Dianna!  Dianna is the winner of a skein of loooovely Malabrigo Lace from Flocks of Yarn, along with some other little goodies.  Dianna- Please let me know which color skein you'd like (Bobby Blue or Paris Night) as well as your snail mail address so I can send your package!!

Check back tomorrow for info about last night's Brooklyn Blogger Meetup!

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