Friday, April 16, 2010

BK Bloggers Meetup

Ok fair warning ahead of time.  This post will have little to do with knitting.

Wednesday night I went to the Brooklyn Blogger Meetup held at the Bell House with Roommie.  It was hosted by (in my opinion) some of the best and most popular Brooklyn blogs:  Brokelyn, Fucked in Park Slope, and Brooklyn Based.  Basically, they decided to just hold open invites for everyone to network.  It was pretty interesting with some quirky people there (to say the least).

Here's a rundown of everyone I talked to (aka who's cards I got):

Jessica from eFlirtExpert- for a fee, they'll help you with your online dating (which I heard on a commercial for the news yesterday morning that a very high percentage of New Yorkers use)
Georgia from Savor Your Food- eating healthy, happily, ethically and affordably (from her site)
Ben from Practice Safe Policy- though he tried to steal my hat, he has an awesome product:  Obama, Palin, McCain condoms.  Yes I'm serious
Faye from Brokelyn- she took a picture of me and Roommie.  Totally will let you know if they post it on the site
David (and a female intern who's name I can't remember but I did give Guild info to for her friend) from Urban Oyster- they've just started but it sounds awesome.  Walking tours of the city (starting with Brooklyn currently).  I so wanna do the Brewed in Brooklyn one.
Ryan from InvestorNation- who has only been here a bit and sells real estate to New Yorkers as investment.  And he insists I'm the Knitting Queen so yea he's awesome
Erik from Trinimation- Erik has an awesome blog where he takes fast food and turns it into real looking meals.  Although I don't see why Chipotle has to be's amazing already.  He also has a graphic Tshirt gig going.  Still loving the Periodic Table of Brooklyn shirt he was wearing!
Robicelli's Cupcakes were there too! (I had the caramel macchiato cupcake.  It was ok- not nearly as good as Roommie's)

After on our way home, Roommie (very boldly according to one of the guys) stopped 2 guys also heading back from the meetup:
David from The Huffington Post- a news site that David said had something needlepoint of a computer? on it Wednesday that I can't seem to find.  David, if you read this send me the link!
Stan  from Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma- a resource for journalists who cover violence

Two ladies who's cards I did not get (but definitely remembered) are:
Johanna from  Pretty Girls Use Knives- a site about awesome chicks and awesome food.  She knits!  Yay!  I definitely informed her of this weekend's Guild meeting- see you there!
Romy from Dough Re Me Kids- Romy started with her dauhter's day care and now teaches cooking to children regularly.  We got into a big convo about this because that was my favorite thing to do with the kids working at the daycare.  Sigh, I miss my babies.

Overall, it was a pretty good night.  Some good networking and I passed out a bunch of business cards.  Met some cool people.

Oh, I should probably mention one more blog (duh)

Nicole from Caketease- My lovely lovely wonderful awesome roommate's blog!  Obviously she has one too since she's the one who I went with.  Nicole (as you already know) loves to bake.  Bakes vegan.  And loves music.  What's the best way to combine these two?  Interview musicians at bakeries while eating their yumminess of course!  Most recently, Nicole interviewed Alyson Greenfield at Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the city.  Everyone should read it- you find out about awesome musicians as well as what bakeries to hit up when you come visit me in the city :o)

Anyways, if I talked to you but forgot to mention you (I know there were others who's cards I didn't get) let me know and I'll add your links too!  There's a full listing of everyone who went here in case you'd like to see it for some reason.

Ok I'll throw in some knitting here since, afterall, this is a knitting blog:

Here's the hat I made over and after spring break.  It's a pattern by Ysolda Teague which luckily for me was written in multiple sizes since I changed the yarn to a sock yarn instead of something fuzzy.  I wanted a lacy spring beret.  Details will follow another time but for now here's a glimpse:

It is very difficult to get a picture of a hat while wearing it.  Bathroom mirror will have to do for now.

This would be that had that Obama-Condom-Guy thought he'd try to steal.  Or trade me a Sarah Palin condom for.  Um, no.

Check back Monday for some more Brooklyn love!


  1. Nice of you to mention DoughReMeKids. Thoroughly enjoyed talking to you. Definitely agree with your outlook on letting kids learn like kids without having to be perfect. BTW - your hat was gorgeous! Romy

  2. I thought it was an awesome hat! And although those condoms were awesome, totally not equal in trading value. The name was Rebecca by the way. I feel like i spoke to you more than David and am saddened that my name was amiss.

    Cheers from Rebecca@ UrbanOyster

  3. Rebecca- I don't think I ever got your name...especially after the condom guy stole you away for his walking tour apparently of the bar. And only David's name is on the cards. Tell him you totally deserve your own!!

  4. Oh my God I love you beret it's gorgeous!

  5. Haha Will do! Oh, and I passed on the info to my friend about your Guild plans. Now it's up to her, but I wish you the best of luck!



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