Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VOGUEknitting LIVE! Wrap-Up, Part the Third- The Projects and the Haul

Now I know this is what you've all been waiting for.  Before I show you the goodies, though, here's a look at what I was knitting throughout the weekend.  That's what it's really about afterall.

First, I finished knitting up my BFF Cowl link during my Thursday train ride.  After a couple snags, it was seamed up with the other link.  Which was perfect to wear to the Subway Knits Meetup on Saturday.  Where I saw my two swap partners.

My link was knit out of Noro Taiyo.  It's a cotton yarn I actually like, probably because it's blended with silk, wool and nylon.

Throughout the weekend, I worked on my Hexipuffaday challenge.  I finished 4 (maybe more) during train rides and downtime standing around during my shifts.

So far I have 24 done (and number 25 is on the needles now) for January.

My last project for the weekend was a Pogona, cast on specifically for it's easy and mindless miles of stockinette and reverse stockinette.

I'm using my Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! leftover from my Tempest Cardi.  Speaking of, I can't find this cardigan and have no photo on my project page for it.  Which means it's probably lost on the floor of my closet somewhere.  Ugh

Now, for what you really wanted to see:  the stash acquisitions!  

Siiiiigh.  Blogger decided to rotate my photo.  And it's staying that way.
First purchase of the weekend was from Loop.

Colorway:  Atlantis

Fiber Content:  merino, bamboo, tussah silk, angelina
I can't wait to spin this fiber!  I've heard such great things about Loop and want to start now.  But too many other things are waiting to be finished on Cocinella first.  Like the stuff I bought at VKLive last year...

But that didn't stop me from buying more fiber!  I have to support LI Livestock Co. every time I see them!  I love that my local fiber source is growing.

This roving is 95% llama with 5% Gold Bamboo and comes from the llamas Patches and Butterscotch.  I love this method of naming :o)

Next acquisition was a set of needles from Indian Lake Artisans.  These guys vended Vogue last year, but only had straight needles.  They came to the shop to show their wares but we don't have a market for straight needles.  I heard from MooseManor that they were at Rhinebeck and had finally made some circulars.

And, even better, they have the twisty cables.  Meaning the needle swivels around the cable, helping to prevent cable kinks.  

They even have the size burned/stamped (?) into them.

Once I use these, I'll do a review.  Especially since I also just bought the ChiaoGoo interchangeables this week too.

ChiaoGoo size 4 tip vs. Indian Lake size 4 tip
So far, these ones have a leg up on the ChiaoGoos solely because they are 100% American made.

Now, on to the yarn purchases!  I really didn't want to buy yarn since I have so much already, work at a yarn shop, and still haven't knit everything I bought at Vogue last year :o/

So my only purchases were super special.  Well, mostly.

First up was my purchase from Habu Textiles.  I bought 3 cones of a raw silk wrapped stainless steel in a slate blue-gray color.

I've always wanted to try a steel wool style of yarn.  And since I know I won't go out of my way to purchase it, I took my opportunity this weekend.  Each cone has 575 yards so I have plenty to play with, but I have a sweater idea brewing around my mind for it.  Just have to find the perfect companion yarn.

Next purchase was from The Plucky Knitter.  I don't think I've ever heard of these ladies before, but their colors were amazing!  So I knew I had to try some out.

Primo Worsted in Glacier and Sticky Toffee.  Colors are not accurate- my camera didn't like them very much.
I will most likely do something colorwork with these two.  Not sure what yet though.  I did scour Ravelry Saturday night when I should have been sleeping looking for ideas.  Nothing perfect yet.  I'm open to suggestions though!

My last purchase of the weekend was Sunday morning at Dragonfly Fibers.  I waited to purchase until Sunday because I knew I was going to be dragging purlingswine there to take a look.

This color also isn't entirely accurate.  It's a little more green tinted in person.
I really wanted a variegated color, but I have so many sock patterns that need to be done in a solid that I settled on the bright sea color of Mermaid.

I can't wait to play with all my knew fibery fun stuff.  So, what did you pick up at the Marketplace??


  1. I always enjoy your VK Live posts! I have to remember to reread this next year so I actually go and experience it for myself. Love your purchases and think I have a few of these in my stash!

  2. I was waiting to see your loot! You made out good! The loop batt is gorgeous! I love your finished BFF swap cowl! You should post a picture on the thread!



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