Thursday, February 25, 2010

FO: Err, Sorta

Ok so the project isn't actually finished.  But I'm (sadly) so excited to be done with my first square!

This is the first square done for my Copenhagen Royal Shawl Scarf.  It's exciting because I've had to restart it so many times.  I think I was 75% done once before I realized I was short 1 stitch in one of the repeats.  And since I was working on it in the car during lunch breaks from subbing, of course I didn't put a lifeline in.  I tried fixing it but it just wasn't working so the whole thing was ripped out.  I tried dpns, 2 circs (I forgot how bad the generic box-store circulars are...those cables are so STIFF) before realizing that it really is just best to do magic loop with it.  The first time I tried this I was getting horrible ladders but for some reason it worked this time.  You can't really see the lacework in the picture but once it's blocked I'm sure it'll be awesome.  Now off to work on my NLC a bit before doing some homework.

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