Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's all about the loVe...and something I don't love

I was going to write a post about Valentine's day but decided to post-pone.  That fun till have to wait until next week (maybe).  Instead, here's just some fun things I'm loving right now...

Alice in Wonderland Trailer...can't wait to see it!!
(Sorry it doesn't won't let me adjust the size)
This chick is awesome.  She's created this blog to do her challenge projects:  The 365.  She's writing, recording and posting 1 new song everyday for a year.  That's a biiiiig undertaking I'm sure.  As I can't do any of that stuff, I'm going with that.  She's also in a band (how I found out about her and her project) called Pearl and the Beard.  It's 2 chicks and a guy.  Which I found out from roommie (who works for their record label) that by "Pearl" she (not Emily, the other girl in the band who's name I can't spell) meant "Purl" because she knits!  As if I needed any more reason to love these guys.  They changed the spelling so it would match "Beard."  They are amazing singer and musicians- they have guitar, some sort of drums, cello (that's Emily), a kid's xylophone which is awesome, accordion and maybe a violin (I'm not good with naming instruments haha).  The band's site is

Oh oh oh I found a funny video of them.  This is their Will Smith Medley (I llooooovvveeee Jocelyn's dress in this video!)

Pearl and the Beard - Will Smith Medley from Goddamn Cobras Collective on Vimeo.



First, the name Pyrex immediately catches my attention.  This is tomorrow's Scavenger Hunt item for Brooklyn Flea.  Basically, it's a giant traveling flea market taking up residency in various parts of Brooklyn for short time periods.  Right now it's in an old bank.  Boring right?  NO!  This place is gorgeous!  It was built back in the day when people actually cared about how their buildings and interiors looked, back when people were all about being ornate and decorative.  There's so much marble there, and being that StepDad is a tile guy specializing in marble, I was suggesting he come if they were going to be in town on a weekend (they were not).  But in telling that, I found out that Grandma used to be a cleaning lady there during the after hours to make some extra money as a kid/youngin' (yes this was back in the day too).  If you want to see some pictures you can check out the owning company's website: (click One Hanson).    The Scavenger Hunt...  Each weekend the Flea posts 2 items (one for each day) that will be free to whoever finds it.  I want these!  Purely because I found a tutorial online for making teacup pincushions.  I hate the boring old tomato/strawberry ones and loved the creative and pretty ones the lady made.  And these would be perfect to make some with!  So tomorrow I will be hunting for them, as well as some fun beads/buttons and such for knitting projects and stitch markers.


Lion Brand never ceases to amaze me with their crazy creations.  These are giant knit animals that were on display the Craft and Hobby Association convention recently.  They blogged about it here on their own site.  But definitely go check out the pictures they're amazing!

This site is hilarious...

Site Caption:  "Because who needs a face when you've got a lot of yarn?"

It's from the blog which is freakin hilarious.  Definitely check it out.

Here's something I don't love :o(

This is a video from Thursday night/Friday morning of one of the schools I sub at...

With one school down now, looks like I won't be getting many calls for the rest of the school year.  Guess that means more time I can spend developing my etsy shop (and doing homework...maybe).

- <3 -

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