Thursday, February 11, 2010

On to the knitting...

I have made hats now for Tijah, her cousin Jenny, and another Red Lobster friend Dawn.  OTN now is two hats for Jim and Branding who (thankfully) wanted just the opposite of each other:  one black with gray stripes and one gray with black stripes.  I made it through tangled knot portion of knitting because I refuse to cut the yarn between stripings.  I'm working on the decreases for the crown now.

I completely forgot to take a picture of Dawn's pink and white hat :o(  I'll have to have The Boy get a picture of it on her when he gives it to her (if he hasn't already).

With the leftovers from Dawn's hat, I'm making one for The Boy's little sister.  Her birthday is coming up on Friday- she's going to be 6!  We've still got a couple cold months ahead so she's get some use out of it.  And it will perfectly match the colors of her coat :o)

Yesterday's snow day was spent baking for Valentine's Day and shoveling snow.  I shoveled our stoop and sidewalk 4 times (and I know 2 girls in the other apartments did it at least twice) and I shoveled the car out 3 times.  And it was still piling up when I went to bed.  I actually had to turn down subbing for fear of not being able to get my car out/get the car started/make it out there if the roads weren't cleared.  Of course when I woke up they were perfectly cleared, but I'd still have a lot of shoveling to do before leaving which would have taken forever.

Time for some yummy goodness.  I've been planning on making baked goods for Valentine's Day to share with The Boy, his family, Dad and Brother, and Bonnie at the card store (I'll be working that day).  Plans were:  sugar cookies, chocolate mini cupcakes and white mini cupcakes.  The mini cupcakes were to have secret surprise pink centers and either chocolate or vanilla frosting.  Cookies will be glazed and I bought a bunch of sprinkles and confections for the tops of everything.

I wanted to do the sugar cookies yesterday but didn't have enough butter (and did not feel like walking to the store just after an hour of shoveling).  So instead I made two batches of cupcakes.  For the chocolate ones, I used the Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Cake (it's on the back of their cocoa powder boxes) and for the white (and pink filling) I used a basic recipe I found on  The way things worked out, it was much easier to pipe the pink filling first and then cover it with the regular chocolate or white batter. 

 I had a lot of  chocolate batter left over when I ran out of the cupcake liners so I figured throw it all in a pan and make a small cake with it.  Since it's someone's birthday this week, I wrote her name with the leftover pink filling batter.  

But that didn't work out so well during baking.

That's ok though because obviously it's going to be covered in frosting.  I might fill it too...we'll see.  But I'll re-pipe her name on it after it's frosted when I'm having fun playing decorator (that's all for Saturday).

This morning I went out and walked (over ice since some people are inconsiderate and don't shovel the sidewalk in front of their apartments/stores...ugh!) to the store to get milk and butter.  Once I'm done catching up on blogs and drinking my coffee, and the butter gets soft it's off to baking sugar cookies for me!

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  1. Oh, you are making me want to go bake something! :)



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