Monday, February 8, 2010

Sorry for the Offensive Smell

Things have been busy.  Between school, working (subbing), knitting commissions, and other new endeavors not to mention the always family/friends/boyfriend time consumers, I haven't had much time to just sit and write.  Not that I haven't wanted to.  Not that I haven't fantasized about the posts I want to be writing.  Unfortunately, blogging is not allowed to be a priority in my life...not when I have piles of school work to do (and trust me, I do).

I want to change that though.  I want to write more often.  Sometimes, I feel like I just don't have anything to add.  But right now I have so much, I don't know where to start...

Have I mentioned the brand new laptop I bought decided it doesn’t like letting me use wireless internet?  Yup, the happy new netbook must stay wired.  That is until the replacement one arrives.  Geek Squad (the best! as always) told me that netbooks are so cheap, that if they malfunction they will just swap it out for a brand spanking new one (I’m assuming there’s a time limit to this…seeing as how mine broke within a week I’m sure I was within that limit).  I asked Chris* what happens to the laptop when it’s sent back:  Answer:  fixed by manufacturer or scrapped for parts.  I can’t believe this thing, only a week old, can be sent to the scrap pile.  What a shame for my toy.

What's been keeping me so busy, you ask?

My new endeavor is…. Weight Watchers.  I officially am a member now and have gone to a meeting!  I’m not overweight so my mom keeps yelling at me for doing this, but I really want to be healthier.  Being a vegetarian, I know I don’t get all the nutrients I need.  WW used to have the Core Program where you have to meet a number of foods per food group (as opposed to the points system).  They got rid of this but since I did the eTools, I can still log this information on the website and it even puts a little smiley face next to the food group if I meet the minimum for a day.  The hardest group I have to meet is water (I don’t drink enough liquids period per day) and fruits/veggies.  I’m starting with babysteps- trying to just eat within the points I’m allowed per day and not to use too many of the weekly 35 additional points.  At the same time I’m focusing on trying to eat more fruits and veggies (especially because they’re so low in points).  Next focus (coming in March) is exercising more, especially regularly.  I have to get all my workout videos to the apartment from Dad’s.  A Florida trip at the end of March/beginning of April is also inspiring the get-in-shape thoughts :o)

So as far healthy eating when it comes to a picky-on-top-of-being-vegetarian like me...well, it's just hard.  Today's lunch though was yummy :o)

First, my WW bread was moldy so there goes the sandwich idea.  Check the freezer... Hmm a veggie dog sounds good.  Damn no bread (which I used instead of buns because I'm only one person and buying more than one kind of bread-product would just go to waste).  Well, why not eat my veggie dog like a kid?  Oh, because I only like them with tons of sauerkraut.  No problem, I'll make veggie dog-sauerkraut soup as I called it today.  

I'm weird.  I looooove sauerkraut (and dill pickles mmmm...).  So this look delicious to me but smelled icky to the roomie (sorry!):

Just throw some sauerkraut in a pot, toss in a cut up veggie dog, add a bit of water, and cook until it's hot enough to eat.

Pour it into a dish/bowl, add some ketchup and mustard, and viola!  Easy, instant, low-in-points meal!

Sauerkraut = 0 Points
Veggie Dog = 2 Points
Ketchup and Mustard = 0 Points
Carrots I had on the side = 0 Points
And then I rewarded myself with a WW Chocolate Frosted Creme Filled Cake snacky thingy.  That was 1 point.  All this talk about food has me hungry again though.

Coming up soon:  NLC updates, Weekend Hat updates, and a LYS review!

*I think this was his name.  He’s the same guy who helped me when Brother mis-reinstalled Windows on my desktop a couple months ago.  He memorably (still) has a broken arm on his glasses, which always makes me think of Harry Potter :o)



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