Friday, February 19, 2010


So much for trying to update more often.  Can't believe it's been a week already!  For a week of no subbing (public schools are on vacation), I've been pretty busy.  I did work at the card store 2 days and then The Boy and I have been just hanging out a lot- taking advantage of us both having some free time for once.

It's been a month since I gave an update on the NLC.  I really haven't gotten all that much accomplished on it in the past month, mostly because of the nonstop hat commissions.  But there has been advancement!  I've joined the sleeves and started the colorwork.  Check it out:

Starting to Separated the Sleeves

Getting there...

From one to two!

Waiting to be joined to the body

Here's how it fits so far

It's hard to try on when the stitches barely fit on the needles all scrunched up

Laid out

Colorwork closeup

I'm still concerned about the sizing.  We'll see about it though as the knitting progresses.  Oh and another problem:  I still can't find buttons.  I went to 3 yarn stores today and nothing.  I'm gonna have to venture into the city one day and check out some of the fabric stores in the fashion district I think.

In other news, I've started developing the etsy shop.  Nothing is listed yet because I want to make a decent stock of items before actually "opening."  But here's a sneak peak of some of what I'm working on...

I've also finished another pair of Weekend Hats, with quite a bit of yarn leftover:

My first customer, Tijah has just requested another 2 hats!  That'll be 4 in total for her.  She's awesome :o).  I didn't have enough of this black leftover for the plain black hat she requested :o(.  I got some great Crock-O-Dye yarn at Gotham Fine Yarn to make the olive green and off-white hat she requested.  She said I can go crazy with this one (yay no more stripes!!!) so I'm doing argyle.  I knit up 2 swatches to see which order she likes better.  And while we were at the yarn shop, the girls there said The Boy is my Hat Pimp.  I think it's true haha.

Today I ventured out to check out two new yarn stores:  La Casita Yarn and Brooklyn General.  La Casita is new (I think?) and in 2 weeks will be adding the cafe portion of the shop.  They will be serving wine, pastries and coffee.  Can I just move in?  

Brooklyn General was everything I heard it would be and more.  Oh my gosh the amounts of yarn they have.  The store is probably as big as my apartment and one loooooong wall is pretty much only yarns, plus little stands here and there.  There's also amazing fabric...can't wait to go back for some to make some box project bags.  

Purchases today weren't too interesting:  some plain black yarn for one of Tijah's hats, and then some mystery yarn and notions for my Magic Yarn Ball Swap.  Oh and I bought more Fez for some new Emma Hats in more sizes so I can write up the pattern (hers so didn't fit but she liked it anyway) and some blue yarn to knit a laptop sock with the leftover black and grey yarns.

Off to do some knitting!

- <3 -


  1. Wow, it sounds like you've been busy! That sweater is coming along really nicely, and will be super cute when you're done!

  2. Beautiful sweater. I love it!



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