Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day

Yesterday brought about some more baking for me...but not so successful.  I attempted sugar cookies but I think I overcooked all of them.  Or else the recipe just comes out a little harder.  But I'd prefer them soft.  I only made half the dough yesterday so I might try cooking a little shorter today.  Doesn't matter because it's all about the be done Saturday with the mini cupcakes all for Sunday.

More V-day fun:

Don't these just look delicious??  I found the picture on the Someday Crafts Blog which lead me to the actual baker at Poppies at Play Blog  (here's the post about the cinnamon heart buns).  How flipping cute are those lollipop holders for valentines??  I must archive this idea for when I have kids someday.  Or when I have an actual classroom.  (And now it subbing today because everyone's having their V-day parties since next week is vacation.  Damn.)  And a message for the rest of you (especially if you've been snowed in like we were)- if you feel the urge to bake DO IT!  You don't have to go all out, you can use packaged stuff, but there's nothing like having something fresh baked, especially when you share.  (That's for you Jen!)

I need a little space to rant for a moment.  It's the complain that I always have and will have until I'm rich and retired (ha!).  I need more room.  Actually I need a whole apartment just for me and my stuff but that's definitely not feasible right now.  I always try to squeeze into the tiny places and I admit it, I have too much stuff.  I haven't even brought nearly everything from Dad's house to the apartment (I'm so not even interested in moving all my holiday decorations, especially the stuff Mom left for me and Brother when she moved).  But I mostly wish I had better space for crafting.  Knitting is easy.  I can do that anywhere without much need for room.  That doesn't count storage though.  Everything is stored in small bins in my closet or else bags and my project purses and then some things are just scattered throughout my room. 

I took this picture this morning:

That's my desk.  Computer tower is behind the chair under the desk and the white block down there is my sewing machine.  (And that's Mary's Vogue Knitting from 1987 on the desk chair that she loaned me...she's the best!).  I tried to buy a desk with a big enough flat surface that I'd easily be able to put the sewing machine on and work with.  But then there's the monitor and the desk organizer and all the papers and books (currently Stitch 'n Bitch Nation) and other random junk on there.  Ugh no room to sew.  Also no room to cut fabric.  Also, no room for the dress dummy to ever be set up to work with.  Sigh, someday I will have my craft room/office.

As for my knitting, the Weekend Hats for the boys are still not done.  I know, but I spent so much time baking yesterday I didn't get to devote as much time to them as I was hoping (same goes for my homework, which will be taking priority today).  But here they are photographed quickly this morning on my lap (netbook in the back, with the blog being written at the same time).  Emma's birthday is today and I haven't even started designing her hat yet...eek!

**I don't know why but blogger is refusing to center those last two pictures.  They must not be liking me very much today :o(

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