Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some Lovely Things

Happy Valentine's Day!!  A little late, you say?  Well, not for me.  Because of crazy work/school schedules, The Boy and I just celebrated Valentine's Day Monday night so therefore I've been putting off my Valentine's Day post too.

Here's my baking for Valentine's Day (or at least what I haven't shown yet):

(also available on the package of Hershey's Cocoa Powder)
*it's amazingly delicious*

Yummy Sugar Cookies
Brother ate all of these :o)


These were supposed to be for Valentine's Gifts, but I had so many extras I wound up giving them away to customers at the card store and The Boy gave some away at Red Lobster.  Dad did have a bunch for breakfast too though the next morning :o)

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift but it didn't ship in time.  I say it was a great Valentine's gift instead:

It's a necklace.  The charm is a ball of yarn with knitting needles sticking out.  :o) yay!  Unfortunately, the charm seems to be too heavy for the chain and the chain keeps slipping through the jump ring.  Gotta get a thicker chain for it I guess.

Here's the finished Emma on the birthday girl (full post to come later):

Oh Brooklyn Flea, how you tease me.  I did not find the Scavenger Hunt item :o(  I did find a bracelet that I liked but The Boy didn't.  I didn't buy it.  Figured I'll come back later if I'm still thinking about it.  While I wasn't looking, he bought it for me :o).  Such a sweetie

The wrist chain is HUGE though.  But I'm thinking since I've been dabbling in jewelry while making stitch markers for the soon-to-be Etsy shop, I have the tools to alter it a bit and find a way to shorten it.  I think it's going to need a new, smaller clamp to hold it close and I can take all the extra jump rings off because I obviously don't need the option to make it longer.  Other loves from Brooklyn Flea:  my Mash Veggie Dog from AsiaDog and a Banana Peanut Butter Cupcake from Kumquat Cupcakery.  (Notice how it's all about the food with me...)  I did see some super soft awesome printed tees there too.  Grabbed the guy's card but I don't know where I put it now.  He did have an Etsy shop though so when I find it beware!

After the Flea a friend and I headed over to Brooklyn Central Library for the first meeting of the Brooklyn Yarn and Fiber Guild (yea we picked the name during the meeting hehe).  It was pretty interesting- we discussed bylaws, dues, meeting places, and had some getting-to-know-you going on.  Of course I have work scheduled when the next meeting is but I'm gonna try to switch days maybe.

Yesterday I came home after class to a teensy box sitting on the floor of the vestibule with my name on it.  What could it be?  (Of course I forgot all about the package I've been waiting for, but then again it wasn't supposed to be here until March 4th).  My business cards came!  Thankfully everything was printed correctly and they look great!  I used a general template from the free section of Vistaprint for now until I get a banner/logo created for the shop.  I just had to order these though so I can start handing them out on the subway.  People stare at me working so I might as well make use of their interest right?

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  1. Love the yarn necklace. And, I get my business cards from Vista Print too. You can't beat those prices! :)



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