Thursday, January 28, 2010

CFO: Weekend Hats for Tijah

Time for my first Commissioned Finished Object:  The hats are done (well technically for a week now, but who's couting right?).  

Pattern:  Turn a Square by Jared Flood
Yarn:  Berroco Cuzco in Naturale and Black
Mods:  Obviously the first mod was the striping pattern.  She wanted the same exact hat as The Boy's (which I'm realizing in all the Christmas craziness I don't think I ever did a decent post on) so she got the same stripes.  But then because the Cuzco is so much thicker than what I used for The Boy's, the gauge was off.  I had to modify the stitch counts which wasn't so bad.  Eventually, I'd like to write that up as an addition to the original pattern and post here for anyone interested.

Verdict:  I love these hats.  I love the yarn so much!  It was soft and fuzzy and warm but not overly-so of any of those.  And Tijah loved them too...

And now her cousin (also works at Red Lobster) wants a hat.  Dark blue with baby blue stripes.  The same hat.  I bought the yarn to make it and later that day another waitress there wants one.  Pink with white stripes.  I'm going to get sick of these hats soon.

I started the second hat...and I'm loving this yarn.  Pictures to come soon even though it's almost done already

P.S. I'm almost to the colorwork on the NLC!  But that's been put aside again to get these hats done :o(.  At least I get to go yarn shopping this weekend and I'm going to try out a new yarn shop in the city :o)

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