Monday, January 18, 2010

What's Been Distracting Me from NLC

A week and a half ago, The Boy was at work and someone commented on the hat I made him for Christmas.  When he told her I made it, she requested the same one in black and white.  We walked to Brooklyn Flea that Sunday (a post about this to come) and on the way back we stopped at Stitch Therapy to grab the yarn. For his hat, I'd used Berroco Ultra Alpaca.  Unfortunately, the shop didn't have any white in this so I bought Berroco Cuzco, figuring it was close enough in gauge and a little girlier looking anyway.

Before I could even cast on, she told The Boy that she'd take two hats- one black with white stripes and one white with black stripes and she'd pay double.  Gotta love it!

I reworked the pattern and numbers a bit to make the gauge fit the size and cast on.  I've been working on this pretty much non-stop, forcing the Northern Lights Cardigan (NLC now) to be put on the back burner for the most part.  I'm working them double knit.  Yeah I know... all the trouble I've had with double knitting lately, why do it again, right?  But that way I knew I'd have two identical hats in reverse colors.  And it doesn't really have the "oh now I have to knit another one" feeling after I finish one.

I absolutely love the way this yarn is knitting up.  It feels so so nice.  So soft and fuzzy.  I'm getting jealous.  I want one for me now!

After double knitting and working the balls from center-pull and the outside end, I wound up with this giant tangled mess.

Luckily now I'm past the striping and back to just two threads.  And also at the decreasing

Mirror images :o) and almost done!

**Oh and sidenote- I have been working on this while watching LOST (among other things like breakfast at the diner, subway rides, waiting around...) and haven't made any major oopsies.  Thank you non-stop stockinette stitch!


  1. Oh man, I cannot get double knitting down. Can. Not. Do it. Your hats look great though! It's always nice when other people recognize your good work and like it enough to pay for it! Awesome!

  2. That's so true...and it wasn't even a friend or family member trying to encourage me. Always a good feeling from that.
    What are you having trouble with with the double knitting?



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