Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back from Vogue: 2012 Edition! (Part 2)

This post is lots of pictures.  I'll keep it down to as few words as possible!

Scene:  Andrea's apartment

Sunday, 5:30 - We get up.  No, seriously.
6:30 - We leave.  Eventually the subway comes.
7:20 - We get out of the subway.  Want to go to Starbucks but the line is HUGE!
7:30 - Our shift starts.  I'm alone on the 5th floor and Andrea's working the 4th.  We're door monitors today.
7:50 - All of the teachers for this floor are ready to go:  Shiri Mor, Rosemary Drysdale, Martin Storey, and Sarah Hatton.
7:51 - Nicky Epstein comes wandering down the hall.  She can't find her classroom.  She's a little frazzled and I show her how to get to her class.  Rosemary Drysdale is laughing, saying "She's always like that.  She always does this!"
8:00 - 11:00 - I eavesdrop on Rosemary's class.  She's the only one who leaves the door open.  I knit my Socks in Progress.  I sit on the floor since I gave my chair to one of the students.  I can hear someone taking a bath in the room right behind me.  Then someone takes a shower.  Weiiiird.  Andrea gets a partner so she make a Starbucks run for us.  Oh thank goodness for coffee.  The Starbucks inside the hotel is terrible.  Both our drink suck.  I drink it anyway.  Also, I love Rosemary Drysdale.  
11:30 - Done with my last shift!

Fun Buttons
Recycled Sari Yarn

More buttons

Everyone Shopping

Gorgeous Shawl pins from Creative Designs Unlimited

Decadent Fibers

Tess Designer Yarns

Whimsical Little Knits 3 samples

Whimsical. Little. Knits. 3!

Samples from the book

Sneak Peak at Saturday Treat

Vogue Mannequins

Covered in Noro

Bijou Basin Ranch

Vogue Desings

Bijou Basin yarns

Me with Ysolda!  Squeee!
Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably signing books at the Vogue boothh

Knitty City's booth...always packed

Josh Bennett signing

Graffiti Grannys

Abigail Doan's artwork

Coaster by Alyssa Ettinger

Yarn Bombing by Suzanne Tidwell

Mochimochi Land

Vickie Howell checking out Norah Gaughan's books

Gorgeous Dresses by Julia Ramsey

Rania Hassan's Artwork

Beginner's Lounge
LI Livestock Company!

Lion Brand Yarn Tasting

Melanie Falick moderates "When Knitting Becomes a Career" Panel

How am I going to get all this on the subway??

Check back tomorrow to see everything that followed me home!

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