Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vogue Projects and a word on Volunteering

Here's a peak at the projects I was working on this weekend:

Cable Slouch Hat

Cashmere Bias

Socks in Progress
These socks are actually on hold now.  I'm using them to teach two at a time magic loop socks at the Village Knitter, but part two of the class isn't for a couple weeks.  I did almost all of that at Vogue this weekend though.

Volunteering at Vogue

I have to say what an excellent experience I had working at Vogue.  All of the staff was as nice as can be, and of course the "thank you" gifts are much appreciated :o).  I love that wearing that shirt made me feel less awkward talking to the kniteratti.  I loved meeting all the other great volunteers, even if we didn't catch each other's names.  I highly suggest doing it, and I hope to do it again next year!  I think that if I were to take classes, I'd have to limit my commitment though.  Even though it was only 3 shifts for me, I was utterly exhausted and really don't think I could have enjoyed myself if there was more on my plate.  I would have worked Monday too, which would have been easier since the Marketplace was closed.  Even though I felt overwhelmed at times, I can only imagine what the women who organized the event went through.  Beth, Carol, Erin, Christina, and all the other people running around all day making sure the event went smoothly did an amazing job and not once did I see them lose their patience with anyone.  They truly created an unbelievable event for all to enjoy.  Thank you guys so much!

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