Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vogue Market Preview

Last night was the Market Preview for VOGUEknitting LIVE!  Let me just say I was exhausted!  I worked the Yarn Tasting, placing myself at the Berroco table.  I thought it was the best spot for me since we carry a couple of the yarns at Village Knitter and I was actually familiar with them.  (The other yarns on display were Rowan and Schulana, as well as Blue Sky Alpacas/Spud and Chloe and Zealana (?) from New Zealand...those last two though had people from the company working the tables).

I had a lot of fun chatting with shoppers and wandering vendors.  Lily Chin stopped by my table after I told her to squeeze my yarn.  She was intrigued with Berroco Flicker because it was so springy (it has a chain/cable construction), more springy than she is used to from this kind of yarn.  She said "I'll have to talk to Norah about this," and then walked away.  Norah.  As in Norah Gaughan.  Did Lily Chin really just name drop to me?  LOVE IT!

So Berroco should totally hire me after the amount of work I did for them last night.  Carol, our supervisor, couldn't believe how much I knew about the yarn.  I did explain to her that I sell it and teach it (ahem, Lacey scarf) so I have to know it.  Also, I have a crush on Flicker.  So soft...and sparkly :o)

Other Kniteratti seen:
Nicky Epstein (as cute as ever)
Shiri Mor
Patty Lyons (ok so she's really a normal person, but I still love her)
Zontee from YarnCraft Podcast
and I might have seen Maria from Subway Knits Podcast wandering past

Of course, my computer has decided it's not going to read my memory card so no pictures to share yet.  Check back after the weekend though!

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