Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Needles

My other new favorite thing?  Knitter's Pride Dreamz Interchangeable needle tips.  We recently started carrying them at the shop and I had to buy some.  I love that the tips are color coordinated.  I actually debated buying the set but I really don't need all those tips.  I already have the Knit Picks Harmony wood set.  But the best part?  The same international company manufactures both KP brands (was that abbreviation coincidental?  I'm going to always wonder that...).  So the needles, for the most part, are interchangeable between both brands.

These are my Knitter's Pride size 4 needles.  I was using them for a brief portion of my Welly Warmers (I typed that right the first time for your information).  But the cable I'm using is from my Knit Picks set.  Confused yet?  I'm sorry if you are :o)

I wanted to get a second set of tips for the sizes I break use the most.  I have 3 individual tips in each of sizes 4, 5, and 6 needles.  Because I've broken at least one of each in the past couple years of having the set.  What I really wanted was all those sizes in the Cubics, but those tips only go down to a sze 6 as of now.  So I bought the 6s and 8s.  But I still needed tips for 4 and 5.

Now I love my Knit Picks set.  Yes, they do sometimes have problems.  No, I haven't had a big enough problem to complain about.  But I like that by buying the Knitter's Pride tips I'm supporting my LYS.  And I don't have to wait for shipping or do a minimum $50 order.

Not a huge selling point for me, but I know this makes quite the difference for some people.  The size of the needle is stamped on both the wood and metal portions of the needle.  It will eventually wear off the wood part, but the company says the metal stamp will last.  I assume that if you use the needles often enough to wear the stamp off, you'll remember that blue is a size 4 needle.

I do have to report a problem with my Cubics though.  I used my size 8 tips for my Cherry Legume in January.  But when I went to use the size 6 tips, one of the tips wouldn't screw onto my Knit Picks cable.  Luckily, I had that extra lonely Knit Picks tip and was able to work on my project still.  I took my tip back to the shop and tried it on the Knitter's Pride cable, just to be sure.  It wouldn't screw onto there either.  So I had to give them back to be exchanged :o(.  Otherwise though, no problems!

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