Friday, February 24, 2012

FO Friday: Vinny's Mets Blanket

This was on Feb big!  (Stolen from her facebook page)

My cousin Alyssa had a baby!  As in yesterday :o)  I, of course, procrastinated sending her baby blanket for little Vinny because I had to take a finished picture still.  But here it is:

I have to say, I really didn't like this project.  I love my design, but I do NOT like working with cotton yarn. The yarn had no hold for the intarsia.  I had to go back through almost every individual stitch and tighten it all up.  Ugh.  Cotton.  Unfortunately, they requested cotton since they live in Florida.  Next time, they're getting wool anyway hehe.

Another problem:  the blue bled into the white during blocking.  I don't know if the color bled from the knit work or from the ends that were still dangling in the back.

I thought about bleaching just those sections but that seemed a bit dangerous.  I thought about getting a Clorox bleach pen, but couldn't easily find one.  So I left it. Kyle said it looked like a shadow (my response: There is no shadow in the Mets logo!) and other said they didn't see it unless I pointed it out.  We'll see if my cousin notices on her own.

I have to make another (um, for myself this time) but with a better yarn choice.  The hardest thing is finding the right colors though for a sports team.  If anyone has suggestions I'm definitely listening :o)

Pattern:  My own
Project Page:  Mets Blanket
Needle:  US size 7
Yarn:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

I can't leave you without some scrumptious baby pictures of course:

40 minutes old...thank you Skype!

And after seeing that belly, one must be wondering how big he was.  Only 6 lbs 11 oz!  But he is loooong.  He's going to be a tall tall boy :o)

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  1. Blanket is wicked awesome but not so beautiful as that sweet baby!



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