Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Updates

For those who haven't heard, last night a tornado decided to come visit Park Slope.  I was not home at the time so sadly I missed its visit.  But plenty other people were to share:

Where was I at the time?  At Lion Brand Studio meeting Lily Chin :o)  Look for that post coming next week.

In other randomness, we've made some sales on the Kayleigh Preemie Hat!!  Thanks to everyone who has purchased a pattern so far.  Updates to the pattern are coming soon, including a newborn size and instructions for different yarn weights.  Also, anyone who wants to donate more than the $3 using the Paypal button on the left will also set a pattern emailed to them!  (So you don't have to do more than one transaction.)  No updates from Miss C today, though yesterday she did post a picture of Kayleigh without the vent!  Except I'm noticing Kayleigh has no hats on in these pictures...I need to get these hats finished, photo-ed and mailed out to her asap!

I have quite the busy weekend ahead of me so the Lily Chin update may take a couple days.  Anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend?

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  1. When my older son was little he was deathly afraid that a tornado would hit Manhattan. I would tell him it was impossible because of the big buildings, which I totally made up. Glad he's not scared anymore!
    Going to go to Coney Island for a bit of beach knitting and hot dog eating. Have a good one!



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