Monday, September 13, 2010

Coney Island Stitches

I've been to Coney Island two times in the past couple weeks.  First off, the Guild's Stitch 'n Pitch.

It was not an official one (aka listed on the official website).  It was our first year and well, I'm just not that good at organizing these kinds of things.  I even left my tickets home, but luckily realized before I got on the subway.  Phew.

Rudy Giuliani threw out the first pitch
We were skeptical if the game was going to happen- the weather reports all called for rain.  A decent amount of people didn't show up (and some came late), but we didn't get rained on!  Luckily though, the first 2500 fans to get to the stadium got a free umbrella.  Would have been the perfect day for them if it had rained.

Little League kids posing with a mascot
The game started out pretty good, but then they wound up losing after all.  That's ok though because we all had a great time anyway.

...and crocheters
We're on the Scoreboard!
More knitters :o)
This past weekend, The Boy and I went back to Coney Island for the day.  He'd never been there so I figured before I move, we had to go.

Parachute Drop
The Boardwalk
He refused to go on the Cyclone with me.  He's heard the many rumors of people getting hurt or worse.  I'm pretty sure those incidents are all from 50 or more years ago though.  It's a historical landmark.  I think I have more confidence in the Cyclone than I do in theme park rollercoasters.  But still he refused so we have yet to ride it.

The Wonder Wheel, which was celebrating its 90th birthday

We walked up and down the boardwalk.  Coney Island is either a beach or a fun place for kids.  The amusement parks really aren't geared for adults in any way.  But I'd never walked through any of them so we got to do that.

The Boardwalk looking the opposite direction
We had Nathan's for lunch/dinner.  It was his first time coming to the original location (definitely not mine).  He got some hot dogs and I got my favorite cheese fries.  While we were sitting eating (I shared our table with another couple- it's so hard to find a seat on a nice day), a film crew staged a small segment probably for some local news feature.  It was exciting for the whole 7 minutes they were there.
First Nathan's visit!

After eating we headed to the baseball stadium to catch the game.

Park Entrance
Batting practice
Our seats were forever away, but the place is so small, these seats would have cost probably triple their value at a major's stadium.
View from our seats
We were surprised to suddenly hear wedding music before all the pre-game ceremonies.  Yup, someone got married on the field before the game.  It was a player from the opposing team.

Walking down the aisle?
She seems excited to be married :o)
The reception
We lose again :o(
We got to see fireworks after the game.  They were surprisingly really good.  Way more than I was expecting to see.

Between these two games, I guess it makes up for not being able to go to the Mets Stitch n Pitch (and breaking the crochet record with Lion Brand Yarn).  I can't wait for next year's game now :o)

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  1. Looks like a really awesome visit to Coney Island. I am totally jealous! :)



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