Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All The Boy

I don't want to be all mushy-gushy, but I want to share why I have the greatest boyfriend I could ask for.*

From our first date, he has been great and understanding about my knitting.  He didn't call me a grandma, though just this weekend he told me he was about to when I threatened bodily harm if he did.  Good move, I say.  That night he even asked me to make him a hat.  Guess he had high hopes for us.

This was coming from my previous relationship in which my then-fiancĂ© complained that I knit while we watched movies and refused to let me knit anything for him because he'd never wear it.  My now boyfriend thinks it's amazing all the things I can do while I'm knitting.  This was a shift that was going to take some getting used to (and I still am).

Anyway, recently I was doing some work knitting as we watched TV.  He asked me if I was crocheting.  Now, he's seen me knitting pretty much from Day 1.  I couldn't figure out how he could be so mistaken.  Until I realized I was mid-cable row.  I don't use a cable need.  I use the large cable hook made by Boye.

Meet Vivian, my cable hooker

I had explained to Kyle who knows when that knitting uses two sticks and crochet uses a hook.  I couldn't believe he had remembered that.  I explained to him cabling and hopefully didn't confuse him any further.

About two weeks ago, something (I can't remember now) prompted me to try to convince him to learn to knit.  To my surprise, he said yes!

I didn't push it all week.  But on the subway ride home from our day in Coney Island, he wanted to give it a try.  I was working on Kayleigh's blankie - not the most appropriate project to learn on, but ok.  He picked it up in a snap.  His stitches were pretty good too.  I was so proud- I had the biggest smile the whole time.

That weekend, I cast on 25 stitches with some Malabrigo and size 8 needles - the pair I first used after learning on chopsticks.  He did about a row and a half before feeling like he didn't want to do it anymore.

Saturday night I bribed him with dinner at Grimaldi's so I could go to the Promenade to take pictures of the city skyline (post to come).  While we were waiting for our pizza, he did a couple stitches on my sock.  He did not enjoy this - too small of stitches and needles he said.  (And they were extremely loose.  I had to go back and tighten them up.)

Sometimes we forget to tell our loved ones Thank you for supporting/understanding our knitting.  Take the time today to tell your partner, roommate, kids, dog, etc. for putting up with the mysterious need to obsessively knit that you have.

If you'd like to see another awesome boyfriend, check out this post from Jen's blog.  Her boy made an amazing effort in proposing to her, no wonder she said yes.  I think everyone should see what a sweetie she nabbed.  (I know it was a while ago, but I thought of them while I was writing this.)  He's definitely a keeper after all that!

*No, Kyle does not read my blog so this is in no way me sucking up to him for any reason :o).  I just think he's that great and I hope everyone can find someone as supportive as he has been to me.

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  1. Your bf sounds awesome! And thanks for plugging the awesomeness of my fiance! We have some good eggs, don't we!? :)



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