Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are Those Mitts or Socks?

I'm always out and about knitting:  Starbucks, subways, walking down the street, waiting in lines, yadda yadda.  No one ever asks me about my knitting.  I usually have my iPod going and notice the discrete glances people give me.  But no one ever talks to me.

Today I had the iPod going but my crappy headphones were too loud in one ear so I only had one piece in.  And three people decided to start conversations with me.  First, I was sitting in Washington Square Park.  I had some time to kill after updating the Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild website before going to meet with one of the designers I knit for.  So I plopped down on a bench and got to stitching.

The arch
One of the many musicians at the park today

An urban oasis

I got some interesting looks but for the most part, that was it.  Until one man asked me:  "Is that a mitt or a sock?"  I was knitting the second of my knee socks (I just finished the calf decreases while I was out today!).  So he started talking to me about my knitting.  And then about where I go to school.  And then his aneurysm and how he's from Trinidad and worked as a social worker but left his job when it wasn't fulfilling and he needed rest due to his health.  And about a book he's reading.  And about doing what makes you happy.  And how he's going back to school but by the time he's making a decent amount of money it'll be time for him to retire.

Overall he was just a sweet man obviously in need of some conversation.  And I didn't mind talking to him.  He wasn't creepy at all.  Just being friendly.  It was nice but I had to cut our conversation short to start heading to my meeting.  On the way, I stopped at the first Starbucks I encountered (I was's getting chilly here and my Citron was not warm enough for the wind).  This was a mistake.

I should have gone to the one slightly further and out of the way.  I really had to use the bathroom.  But of course, I'm knitting while I wait for the 5 or 6 people in front of me to use the only bathroom available.  And of course my headphones are on.  So of course the guy in front of me does have to start talking to me.  I did my best not to talk too much to him because he was kind of creepy.  But then the lady behind me started asking me what I was doing and telling me about how she crocheted a little but really likes to paint and just got a painting she did framed (which she hit me with twice as we scooted forward every time the bathroom user changed).

What an interesting evening.

Check back soon for some baseball stitching fun :o)

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