Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Knits?

Honestly, not likely. I've never been one for making New Year's Resolutions, but I do like the idea of setting smaller, achievable goals to work on throughout the year. And of course, I start with my knitting goals each year.

I definitely set more goals than I can achieve, but it's good to constantly have something to strive for. Each time I've done this though, I tend to not follow up on it. Here's to hoping that changes this year!

This year's goals:

1. 14 hexipuff flowers (7 puffs in each)
2.  Use 14 skeins of sock yarn from prior stash
3.  14 washcloths (emergency gifts to have on hand! Or to use for myself)
4.  14 socks- finish or new
5.  14 UFOs- finish or frog
6.  14 charity projects
7.  14 queue items
8.  6 skeins of handspun spun (14 is way out of my league for this one)
9.  6 designs- develop, publish, or update
10. Organize stash and projects
11.  Organize stash, projects, and queue on Ravelry
12.  Photograph everything!

I wanted to have some kind of sweater goal in there too, but didn't come up with any actual goals for that. Have any ideas for me? Or have a fun fiber goal you want to share? I'm down for adding more!

For this snowy morning, I'm working on finishing some Christmas gifts and drinking my coffee

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