Friday, June 21, 2013

Starry Starry Sky

I finally finished my Celestarium this past week.  It has been in and out of my focus for a while now.  Cast on months ago, it puttered out for a while due to its ever increasing size.  Until I bought a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding and decided this shawl would be perfect to wear with it.  And then it was too cold to wear that dress to the wedding.  So it sat again, part way through the bind off.

Then the owner of Done Roving heard about the shawl, mentioned her Starry Starry Night colorway and discovered I was knitting mine in that very yarn.  And she wanted to display it at her TNNA booth.  Back to binding off I went.

Finally bound off, this large baby needed an extra special blocking.  Except the weather was bad.  Or I didn't have time on a gorgeous day.  Or I was just too lazy to do it.  And then it was forgotten, burried under other project bags.  Until this past weekend.  When I realized I had to have it done by Tuesday to head to TNNA with the bosses.

I frantically started setting up my blocking boards outside while the shawl soaked.  And just as I was draining it out, the drizzling started.  I dragged my foam blocks inside and set about pinning.

Not gonna lie, it looked pretty shitty.  So out came the blocking wires.  Into every one of the 500+ stitches they were threaded and pinned.  Did I mention over 500 stitches?

Before I even started the shawl, I decided I did not like the applied garter edging.  It was just too blah for my taste.  After sampling a couple stitch patterns, a ruffled edge was suggested.  And I did it, adding beads in the bind offs.  That made 1700+ stitches.  Yes, I understand I'm a little crazy.

And now this beauty is out in Columbus, waiting to be displayed for everyone to see.  If you see her there, tweet/instagram me a pictures with her!  I hope she has fun and comes back with plenty of new friends.

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