Thursday, October 13, 2011


Wow I always seem to forget that Wednesdays is my knitting night with my girls (when available).  Which means I get home late, especially now relying on getting rides and public transportation (Dad says my car should be fixed by this weekend though!).

Balloon Animals + Chili's + Margaritas/Beers + Knitting + US = Awesome

I definitely meant to draw the number last night but didn't quite get to it.  So here it is....

Comment #4 was Angie!  We actually knit together on Thursday evenings Village Knitter so I guess I won't have to ship anything.  Angie blogs over here if you want to check up on her and nag her to keep posting :o)

Thank you to everyone who entered!  Thanks to my obsessive book buying, I have another double set of books (oh Borders, your sales were too good to say no to!) so I'll probably have another giveaway at some point.  Keep an eye out.

And how can I leave you without some Abby-loving??

I stole these pictures from her Mommy's Facebook...

Coming home from her first doctor's appointment.  Apparently she screamed the whole way home, but I don't believe it judging by this picture.

1 week old already!  She's about half the size of the blanket and twice the size of her Minnie doll.


  1. Yay for Angie! And double Yay for baby Abby. She is just gorgeous.

  2. Yay! I've never win things like this! I will make sure to be at knit nite. Thanks. And I wouldn't believe anything about screaming babies. The only ones who hear this alleged screaming are mothers and people on airplanes.



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