Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kayleigh's Krew - Donation Incentives

Donation incentives are here!  I'm starting small and as more donations come through, I'll add more prizes.

Here's how it's going to work.  For every dollar donated, you will have one entry.  Basically, if you donate $10, you have 10 entries.

I'm starting with one prize as of right now.  More are waiting though for when more people donate!  Right now I'm offering up these two items I've made as one prize together.

First, this project bag.  The bag has a deep blue background with a teal print of paisley.  I love paisley :o).

The bag measures about 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall (13 1/2 inches from bottom to drawstring).  In the photos, the bag is holding my Sodera Socks 2 at a time on a 60 inch needle (that's 100 grams of Little Traveler yarn) plus instructions, pens, small notions holder, and a small hand lotion bottle.  There's still plenty of room left too!

The second half of this prize is these matching blue stitch markers.  This set contains 3 small markers and 1 large heart shaped marker.  These kinds of sets are great for working in the round- the one different marker shows the start of your round while the others are great for marking increase/decrease locations or side "seams".

These stitch markers will fit up to a size US 10 (6mm) comfortably and a US 10 1/2 (6.5mm) snuggly.

The Drawing
Kayleigh's Krew will be walking for March for Babies on Sunday, May 1.  Officially, the last day to donate is April 30th.  If donations are allowed to go through on May 1st I will still accept them.  I just don't want to say May 1st just in case donations close the day before the walk.  Don't wait until last minute!  Donate as soon as you can.  The more donations we receive, the more prizes I will add!

After the walk, I will be using the Random Number Generator from to pick a number.  If you'd like to see what numbers your donations are (and check out your competition!), check out the GoogleDoc.

If enough is raised to meet my goal, I will definitely be raising it!  My goal right now is $100 but I'm really hoping to raise more than that, with everyone's help of course!

To make your donation, please visit my personal fundraising page.  To read a little about Kayleigh, visit the Kayleigh's Krew homepage.  When you donate, make sure you do it though my fundraising page so you cna be entered into the donation incentive drawing.  If you donate through the team's page, it will not show up on my page and I will not be able to enter you into the drawing.  Make sure you leave an email address in your message so that I can contact you if you are a winner!  And don't forget:  all the money from the sales of the Kayleigh Preemie Hat will also be donated to March for Babies through our team!

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