Monday, April 4, 2011

Etsy Shop Opening this Week!

So I'm finally buckling down and opening my Etsy shop.  I started developing it forever ago but really have not had the time to actually make anything to sell.  I've made stitch markers and just never photographed them.  Last week I started making some project bags.

It's been pretty cloudy here lately so my pictures are not exactly what I would have wanted, but they show the product well and the colors are pretty close.

For the shop, I'm going to offer products here first with a discount before listing them in the shop.  The following items will be listed in the shop on Friday, but if you purchase them by Thursday here- free shipping!  And who doesn't love free shipping? :o)

First, the project bags:

Kimono Flowers Project Bag

Pink Bunny Project Bag

 And now for the stitch markers
Blue Gems Entwined Stitch Markers

Green Gems Entwined Stitch Markers

Jade Dragons Stitch Markers

Pink Crystal Heart Stitch Markers

Purple Gems Entwined Stitch Markers

To save everyone some viewing time since pictures take quite a while to load on webpages, all of the items are listed in detail on the Products Page of the blog.  There are lots of photos of each of the items.  To see more information, pictures, prices, or to purchase anything, please visit the Products Page on the blog.  Items for sale are first come, first serve.

And remember, the donation incentives for Kayleigh's Krew will be going on until April 30th!

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