Monday, August 2, 2010

My Saviors

Park Slope is an absolute bitch to park in.  It has been rated the best neighborhood to live in in NYC, and also the hardest to park in.  I know most of the people who read this don't live around here (and if they do, they're probably smarter than me and don't try to drive in the city), but I have to give my boys a shout-out anyway.

Roadify is 3 guys working to make life for the rest of us a little less stressful.  They provide a free (wow there's still something free in the city??) text-based service for finding a parking spot.  I won't explain the whole thing here, and though because of the times I come home I usually don't get a spot, they've helped me plenty.

Say, for instance, you really want to do your laundry, meet with a friend who's visiting his parents from Florida, go to Knit Night at the Village Knitter and meet with a designer to drop off her knit pieces/get paid/get more work.  You would load everything up, lug your overflowing laundry basket, laptop, bag of food, and everything else and carry it a very long block away to your car.  Load it all into the car, get in (it's a million degrees in the car too), and turn the key.  The engine turns over twice and then makes a funny clicking noise.  Oh joy.

Yeah, that was my Thursday mid-morning.  I prayed it was just the battery because the last time I heard that noise, Brother and I were stranded in the middle of the pizza place's parking lot with my old Pontiac not starting back in high school.

I texted my dad, Brother, and The Boy.  Dad didn't answer; Brother's response was:  shiiiit; Boyfriend had no clue what to do.  I don't even have jumper cables.  I used them once in college and haven't seen them since.  Roomie wasn't answering the phone (she had just gotten up and the phone was probably still in her room) so I walked back to ask if she could jump me.  Turns out she doesn't have cables either.  SMF.

I had though of tweeting to Roadify as soon as the car didn't start, but I wanted to save that as a last resort.  Of course it came to that though.  I sent out the tweet and within minutes they were asking where my car was.

Dylan, whom I've met before, came with a car and tried to jump my silly Galactica (aka a Hyundai Elantra).  But it didn't work.  The engine was barely turning over before the clicking.  Damn.  Dylan did give me a Roadify Tshirt though!

The car works again.  Cousin and Brother finally got it started by jumping it, but the engine wouldn't restart if you turned it off.  Went and got a new battery on Friday and it's been running great (well, as great as a car with 112,000 miles can run) since.

But more happy news (and still on topic), I got an award this week from Roadify.  Holla!  I even got a mention on the site.  Check it out here (I'm yazipengyou on there).  Yay me!  My trophy was hanging on a sign near the apartment, only Dylan is really tall and I"m really short sooooo I couldn't get it down.  It was gone by the time I tried to show The Boy so all well.  Here's the picture I took of it though:

Roadify keeps us entertained with their YouTube channel.  Check out this video they made:


  1. great post! i live in the area and love the roadify boys as well!

  2. Viva Yazipengyou, our knitting champ!
    The Roadify Guys

  3. Yay for Roadify, and yay for knitting! I got an award too - - I'm terribly excited!



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