Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knitty Review

So last Thursday the new issue of Knitty came out. It took me all day, but I was finally able to check out the patterns without the site crashing.  Usually I love whatever Knitty puts out, but this issue was a bit of a let down for me.  It may have been the utterly horrible mood I was in on Thursday but I don't now that my opinion on some of these pieces will change as I go through some of the ones that stuck out for me now.

Having curly frizz-prone hair, I totally agree with the introduction to this non-cowl.  I've not made a cowl yet, but that does tend to be a concern about them.  I may have to make this with some of my Noro (just wait for that post).

I wasn't thrilled when I first looked at the pictures of this cardigan.  It's a little too old for my tastes.  But after looking at all of the pictures and reading the description, I thought it might be something nice to make out of Lion Brand's Nature's Choice Organic Cotton (ahem on sale this month at their studio in the city).  It does look so comfy and loungy and potentially something I can get away wearing during teaching if I make it in the right colors.  It may just be the perfect garment to make out of the cotton (which is so flippin soft).

I love the yarn they used for this pattern.  I think the construction method is interesting and unique.  I'm not the type to use shawl pins too much and they really seem like the only option for a closure for this sweater so I don't know that I'd make this one.  The only other option I can think of is an awesome oversized button.  That could be pretty funky looking.

I don't know if it's just the hot weather lately, but I'm loving the short sleeves on this cardi.  Makes it great for wearing during subbing when it's warm out and I want to wear a tank style top but of course not show the shoulders (oh my not a shoulder!).  Chunky+Cables is very in for the fall- I'd love to make this in a rich burnt orange with some browns and reds thrown in.  Sigh, if I had the money/time for more yarn....

Now I'm not a big fan of vests in general.  This one's not so bad, but I really flipped over how the back is different from the front!  I just may have to give sweater vests a try just because of that!

Trout River
Meh.  That was how I felt looking at this pattern.  I don't really see a need for detachable sleeves, or a desperate need for legwarmers while wearing a short sleeved sweater.  The body of the sweater reminds me of a medieval tunic.  I do love the small incorporation of the handspun yarn- also a great way to use some art yarn too.

This is not a pattern for me, and I'm not even going to discuss that here.  My first thought about this page was "What am I supposed to be looking at?"  I hate the picture they chose to be the first you see.  The picture in no way features the project.  Rather, the focus is of the model's face.  You can barely see the collar around her coat.  This was a poor choice and for some reason made me very upset Thursday night (again, I was in a horrible mood).

I love this pattern!  This the one I would make and actually wear.  I really love the colors in the brown/green one too.  In fact, a lady in my knitting group today was working on it in an awesome Noro yarn and it looked fabulous.  This one is being added to the queue.  In fact, I may do it with the String Theory Caper Sock I have from Autumn's baby blanket that was frogged.

These are adorable!  I love knit jewelry.  And I definitely have plenty of beads to embellish them with.  I just might have to stop by Lion Brand soon for some of this yarn too.

Mad for Plaid
I'm no sock knitter (yet at least), but these are pretty awesome.  I love plaid and I especially love that they don't match perfectly.  No SSS haha.

So out of all the patterns, only one has made it to my queue.  I spoke with another knitter at the knitting group this afternoon and she had similar feelings as I did about this issue.  I think they are trying too hard to be different and avante garde with some of these patterns.  Yes, Knitty is known for being non-traditional, but now it feels forced.  I'm just feeling disappointed in this issue.  And no, my opinions have not changed now days later with me in a better mood.

What did you guys think?

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