Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've Been Working on the Knitting

So I've mentioned a couple times that I have some knitting jobs.  Since I'm working for these people, I might as well give them a shout out.

My first hired knitting position is for Wai (pronounced like "weigh") Fashions.  Cindy designed these chunky ponchos that can be worn in 3 ways:  a poncho, a circle scarf, or a snood.  Basically what I do for her is knit the cable panel pieces.  No finishing, no binding off, that's it.  Someone else weaves in all the ends, seams it, and adds the ribbed collar.

My second job was recommended to me by the wonderful ladies at the Village Knitter.  Courtney had gone in looking for knitters because her normal knitter will be away for much of the summer.  Courtney makes dresses out of knit tops with fabric skirts and adds some beaded pizazz.    She sells online and in local shops on Long Island.  She had the great idea to do dress designing parties:  she brings samples of the yarns, fabrics, beads, pendant to the hostesses house and all the women get to create their own dresses.  They each get measured and a piece made to fit them.

I figure if I want to make money, I should give my ladies a shout out!  That being said, I'm still working on designing and creating for my own Etsy shop.  So keep an eye out for that announcement too :o)


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