Thursday, November 12, 2009

Starting Over...

I started blogging about knitting over two years ago, but I never felt a real connection with my blog. It bored me, and probably everyone else. It wasn't ever very me. So here I go, attempt #2 at a knitting blog. Coming at a perfect time seeing as how everything in my life has been shifting (all for the better!).

This blog is so me now though. Somehow, everything relates back to being crooked... Physically, my entire body is crooked due to one leg barely being shorter than the other. I of course blame all my other crookedness on this. My knitting seems to come out crooked too. Which really isn't a problem I guess if I'm knitting for myself of course, but tends to get in the way often. The same often goes for my sewing and crocheting too.

Let's start here with what I'm currently working on...

Project #1: Who? Hat and Mittens
This project was going to be for me, until I realized that tomorrow is Grandma's birthday and I have no idea (or money) for a I guess another me-project goes out the window. The pattern for the hat can be found here on ravelry and the mittens are a combination of these and the owl from the hat pattern. I'm using some random Wool-Ease I had laying around from a Michael's clearance forever ago (literally...I think I used some of this yarn for Mom's Christmas gift 2 years ago). I looooove these little owls...just need to find some small cheap buttons to sew on for their eyes.

***About pictures for this blog- I only have the camera on my cell :o( please excuse the horrible quality of the pictures.

My other OTN project is:
Project #2: Turn a Square Hat
This one is for The Boy's Christmas gift. He picked out the colors
yesterday at Stitch Therapy with me. Seems like it'll be a fairly easy project, oh maybe if I didn't step on my KnitPicks Harmony Interchangeable Size 6 needle and break it last night! Yup, just my luck.
So when I should have been sleeping, I was ordering from KnitPicks a new needle and then some Christmas Project supplies because, hey, why not make it to the $50 order for the free shipping?? Exactly, there is no reason not to. So now I patiently wait while trying to knit with half of the KnitPicks circula
r and a cheapie too-short circular of the right size. Please come fast needles!!

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