Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HeeHee...Fun Stuff

Let's start today's post with some fun! This was RXP's Random Picture of the Day on facebook yesterday and I had to share it with the knitting world!

I hope when I knit on the subway I don't look like this lol. I'm pretty sure last week actually that the girl sitting next to me on the subway took a picture of me. I was wearing my glasses to the peripheral vision wasn't great but I thought I saw the digital camera's red light go off... maybe I'm next! But i guarantee to you that I do not wear granny square style bright crocheted clothes like this!

The Boy's Hat

This hat is knitting up so quickly! And oh my gosh the yarn is amazing. I forgot to mention last post that it's Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The colors I'm using are Brown Rice and Gordoba Grape (his picks). Makes me jealous because these colors perfectly match my polka dot peacoat! I might have to think of something to do with them for me but that doesn't make us look matchy. My needles haven't come in the mail yet, but as you see in the pictures there are two Harmony Options tips connected. Yea...I'm using a size 5 as the left needle and correct size 6 as the right. It's working for me for now and since it's a hat gauge isn't that important, as long as it fits his head (it does...we tried it on last night).

Owls are Here!!

The hat and one mitten are 100% finished! I gave them to Grandma on Sunday and she loved them! I made her try the hat on and it was a little big but she didn't want me to change it. The mitten fit her well which is good because the finger part wasn't long enough for my hands...phew. The only thing left on the second mitten to be done is the thumb, which I didn't feel like tackling on the subway yesterday.

I see an owl with some spooooooky eyes :o)

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