Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mock-trelac Heart Duo

While planning the upcoming events for the Brooklyn Knit and Crochet Guild, someone suggested we have me an upcoming meeting.  It was settled that I would teach entrelac.  Originally it was going to be March but after scrapping a bunch of ideas for February, we moved it up.  We wanted something Valentine's themed, so after a couple tries.  I made these little cuties.

It's a great into to entrelac recipe- using any weight yarn and any needle size.  There are no pesky end triangles so that the knitter can get the hang of the idea behind entrelac.  It's small enough that if you decide you hate knitting entrelac, you can still have a finished project without having to do something huge. 

I'm planning on incorporating this pattern into a themed series down the road, but if you want to knit it with us for Valentine's Day come to the meeting this weekend!  We'll be at the Brooklyn Central Library in the Trustees Room on Sunday, February 10 at 1:30 (library doors open at 1:00). If you're commuting in, the library is a 20 minute walk from the Atlantic Terminal LIRR stop or accessible by several subway lines (some come closer than others).  Or if you actually care to drive through Manhattan, it's just down the road from the Manhattan Bridge.

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