Saturday, March 3, 2012

Groove KAL Prizes

I mentioned it yesterday and then forgot to tell you about the patterns I won from participating in the Groove KAL thread on Ravelry.

First, there were a couple random drawings for a pattern.  I was drawn one of the time, and we were able to pick a pattern from their shop.  It was a hard decision, but I eventually settled on Fargo.

© Kate Gagnon Osborn + Kelbourne Woolens

I decided that I'm going to use the color Atoll, but have to special order it since we don't carry Organik at the shop.  I'm probably going to wait on this one for a bit since it's already warming up for spring here in New York.  To fit me, I need to order 12 skeins, except you have to order in bags of 10 (meaning I'd need to order 2 bags).  Since it's a yarn we don't stock, I'd have to take all of it.  So I'm still deciding if I want to make both Fargo and the Rocky Coast Cardigan out of the same color.  I would need 8 skeins for that and it would work out perfectly.  But do I want them both in the same color.  Decisions, decisions...

At the end of the KAL, there was a Grand Prize winner and also another winner.  They chose from the people who had finished their Groove by the end of the KAL.  No, I didn't win the Grand Prize (enough Road to China Light to make a sweater pattern, jealous!).  I did, though, win a copy of the pattern Schoodic, new from Hannah Fettig

© Carrie Bostick Hoge
It calls for Acadia.  I do so love this yarn now!  My only gripe is I can't choose a color.  Any ideas?  I'm open to suggestions :o)

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