Friday, March 2, 2012

FO Friday: Groovin'

Last week, I finally finished sewing the buttons on to my Groovin' Shawl and wore it everywhere!  I finished the shawl by the KAL deadline and even won some prizes :o)

I really loved knitting this.  Acadia is a great yarn, and it softens even more after blocking!

The pattern was, as usual, very well written.  And, as usual, I didn't not use as many stitch markers as he calls for.  I swear, Stephen West is obsessed with stitch markers.  I can't claim that to be a bad thing though :o)

My favorite way to wear it- as a poncho!

Pattern:  Groove
Designer:  Stephen West
Ravelry Project:  Groovin'
Yarn:  The Fibre Company Acadia
Needles:  US size 5
Mods:  I worked 1 less repeat of the last section because I ran out of yarn.  Also only used 5 buttons (pattern calls for 7).  I didn't want them to weight down the shawl too much, especially since it was slightly shorter than called for.  I used backing buttons since my buttons had shafts but they have a tendency to pop their way through the yarn overs so I might have to adjust how I sewed them on.

Someone posted on one of the main Ravelry boards why people put their cats on their shawls and take a picture.  The lady obviously has never had a cat before in her life.  Dino had to come investigate during my photoshoot.  He wasn't too into it though and didn't plop down.  He much prefers cardboard :o)

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