Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Back!!

It is unbelievable how busy I've been since March.  Not only with the non-blogging, but I'm behind on my podcasts, blogs I read, and all my TV shows.  Of course there has been knitting though.  How else would I have made it through all that with my sanity??

I have lots and lots to update gosh where to start.  The guild has finally settled on a name:  Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild.  Some wanted to avoid this name because if we shortened it to an acronym it would be BFAG and well some people just weren't comfortable with that.  Though I said I'd rather BFAG than BNAG (Brooklyn Needle Arts Guild, another option).  But I pointed out that we don't have to shorten every word.  So BFA Guild  it is!  And now we have our name, I can really get started on working on the website.  I've been sketching out some plans so I'm excited for that.  Also at yesterday's meeting, we had Trisha Malcolm, editor of Vogue Knitting, come do a presentation.  This will get a post of its own because I don't have the wires I need to download the pictures...and those are a must for that topic!

So school's over for me until mid-July.  It's so weird to have nothing to do.  I woke up Saturday and literally sat on my bed staring at the wall not sure what to do.  I mean, there are things I should be doing, but nothing I have to do.  It was great.  I caught up on some TV.  I will be working on developing my Etsy shop.  I have some products in mind, but nothing too big right now.  Maybe someday down the road.  Really right now I want to start destashing and finishing UFOs.

Also, since I don't have to worry about classes and I was at the library already, I took out 4 knitting books that will be getting some reviews coming up.  Check back soon (if there's anyone still out there haha)!!

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  1. Good name for the guild! Hope you are finding a little time to knit in the craziness. :)



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