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Book Review: Coffee Cozies

I didn't want to start my return posts with a bunch of book reviews, so I decided to do a finished piece post.  I sat outside and took some pictures before remembering that I don't have my camera cord and I'm at my dad's for a few days for subbing.  My little netbook (I feel he needs a name...) doesn't have a memory card slot so there's no way for me to get the pictures off the camera right now.  I have an extra Canon cord somewhere an ex-boyfriend left behind that I should keep with the extra laptop power cord.  So a finished object coming soon, but for now here's a book review!

Coffee Cozies (Cozy)

I love coffee.  I've never liked to make coffee though.  For one person, it's always hard to get the proportions right.  Until I got my mini French coffee press.  I love it.  Now I do have a regular sized one (such as the ones used as models in this book), but I love my mini one because it's the perfect size for just one mug of coffee.

As soon as I saw this book at the library I knew I had to take it out.  I don't have tea pots to decorate with knitting so here's my niche.  The book is a collection of submissions to a design contest, though they don't tell you which is the winner.  There are some simple designs and some very detailed ones.  I think they're all great and want to make pretty much every single one (doesn't matter that I only have one regular sized press of course).  Here's the Ravelry page for the book and now for a look at my favorites:

Rainbow Rib- This pattern plays up Noro's best asset:  its beautiful colors.  It's made of a simple rib stitch, letting the color progression take the stage.  It was photographed in the book with the types of really fun buttons that I never seem to have a real use for.  This may finally be an excuse for me to try some Noro.

Cotton Candy (no Rav page)- This one was fun and chunky.  It definitely did remind me of cotton candy.  Mmmm :o)

Fringe Folk- This cozy is knit one row per strand of yarn to create a simple fringe.  It's a great way to use up lots of little leftovers.  I might use my leftovers from the NLC for this when it's eventually done.

Pearly Queen- This was a simple plain stitch pattern with Mother of Pearl buttons sewn into the shape of simple flowers.  Now you may not want to spend money on Mother of Pearl, but I think it's a great way to use up the spare buttons from button-down shirts and such.  

Cappuccino- This is awesome!  I absolutely LOVE this one.  It's another with a plain stitch pattern, but the image of an Italian style coffee cup complete with steam stitched into it.  This is the perfect cozy for a French press.

Shortbread Crunch-  This was something I don't see using very often.  It was the typical Christmas colored plaid I had on my Christmas nightgown as a kid.  It would be perfect to use on Christmas with your family or even as the perfect Christmas gift.

Ducks on Parade- The way this one is pictured, it looks too much like it should be a bathroom decoration or for a baby boy's room.  I think I'd like it better if the blue was darker (you know, what water actually looks like?).  I do have to say it did make me awwwww when I first saw it.

Cable Classic- This pattern is exactly what it's name says:  a simple clean cable pattern to adorn a press. 

Straight from the Tree- This piece is more artwork than functional.  It deserves to be center stage on any coffee table.  It consists of colorwork depicting a tree.  This is the one I'm saddest about not having a Ravelry page for all of you to see.  I guess you'll just have to check the book out yourself.

Woven Stripes- Now usually when a knit piece is "woven" the stitch pattern calls for some variation of the basketweave stitch.  Not here.  I love that this is actually crochet strips that are woven and sewn together.  The only thing I didn't like about this pattern was the giant bobbles in the back at the seam.

Bollywood Bling- This piece is beautiful but entirely dependent upon the yarn.  It was a simple stitch done with recycled silk sari scraps which of course gave it a nice sheen.  The one in the book has little gold coin charms dangling giving it that extra umph.

Coffee and Cake- This is a perfect pairing.  A plain pink cozy with knit cupcakes sewn on...what more can you ask for?  Well, yea the coffee to go with it.  The designer also placed pastel buttons around the cupcakes.  This one has embellishment to the max!

A great thing about this book is that there is a helpful section in the back on adjusting yarns and the importance of tension.  Most coffee presses are a standard size, but you never know when one company will differ from another.  They of course also have the typical knitting technique section too, just in case, you know, you forget how to purl or something.

I only have one regular coffee press (that I never used because of its larger size) and yet I want to make almost every pattern in this book.  I am concerned about actually using one of these because there's always coffee drippage and not all of these are washable.  Plus coffee stains.  So if you do want to make one, maybe make two.  One for show when the press isn't being used and one that is nice but durable and without too much work that you wouldn't be devastated if it did get a stain.

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  1. Just stumbled across this post via google... I didn't know these cosies existed. My Mom loves knitting and always sends me gloves and scarves. Now she can make me one of these! Thanks so much!




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